Picture: Cashlez payment transaction at Sarinah Kuningan City outlet, Jakarta (24/1)


JAKARTA, January 24, 2022 – Sarinah and Cashlez, an Indonesian fintech payment gateway company, collaborate to facilitate non-cash transactions with Sarinah, which is the first modern shopping and retail center in Indonesia. Through this collaboration, all Sarinah outlets, whether in store, e-commerce or on Sarinah’s mobile apps, will be able to accept non-cash payments such as credit/debit cards, QRIS, Virtual Accounts, and PayLater who are members of the Cashlez ecosystem.


Fetty Kwartati President Director of PT. Sarinah welcomed this collaboration positively. She also said that as a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN) it is necessary to adapt to existing industrial developments through various collaborations, one of which is with fintech. “Digitalization is a necessity in the retail sector, but on the other hand enjoying the direct shopping experience is still a consumer attraction. In addition to convenient shopping, Sarinah, which has transformed into a Community Mall, provides a stage for community work, especially the creative community and tourism stakeholders, who are already connected to the end-to-end digital ecosystem as the upstream sector. Meanwhile, the most valuable downstream sector and value chain are cashless transactions that guarantee accuracy, convenience and security.”


The principle of sustainability is also greatly helped by the digitization of this retail ecosystem. Sustainability is the key to play in future markets and the world. Furthermore, the digital ecosystem also plays a major role in Good Corporate Governance because it facilitates transparency and accountability which is the basis for serving Sarinah’s customers, shareholders, business partners and tenants. In other words, digitalization supports the BUMN creed, namely AKHLAK, which stands for Amanah, Competent, Harmonious, Adaptive, and Collaborative.

Picture: Cashlez payment instrument at Sarinah Kuningan City outlet, Jakarta (24/1)


Cashlez is a local fintech startup that has a license from Bank Indonesia and is supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) as a go-public company in Indonesia with the stock code CASH. Until now, Cashlez has helped more than 13,000 business players spread across Indonesia from various segments, ranging from retail, F&B, tourism, to transportation.


President Director of Cashlez, Suwandi said, “It is an honor for us to be trusted by PT Sarinah in facilitating Sarinah’s retail payment transactions. Cashlez and Sarinah also have the same goal in helping business actors in Indonesia, especially MSMEs. We hope that through this collaboration we can support local MSME brands and domestic products to be able to enter the global market through accepting non-cash payments in accordance with Sarinah’s vision of transformation, "


As is known, since the Covid-19 pandemic, the growth of digital transactions has increased rapidly in Indonesia. Based on data from Bank Indonesia, electronic money transactions until the third quarter of 2021 recorded an increase of 45.05% year-on-year (YoY). This growth is accompanied by increasing public expectations and preferences for shopping digitally. Therefore, Sarinah also supports the growth of Indonesia’s digital financial economy through the implementation of non-cash payments.


Furthermore, Fetty added that digitalization ensures that the supply chain is managed in an integral way. Thus, this system will be entered as a platform that increases consumer insight and service excellence, because digitalization helps us to recognize and serve consumers more quickly and responsively so that they can continuously become the basis for continuous improvement. Retail is an axis and point of shopping as well as point of consumption of customers or in business jargon known as Point of Sale and Point of Consumption. This term includes power managing the supply and demand side of the industry. Digitization provides customers with a complete shopping experience. This is the basis for the strength of the retail business that must be maintained and refined.


In the framework of the Sarinah Road to Grand Launch which is scheduled for March 2022, this program has begun to be activated (commissioning & trial) in stages. Suwandi added that payment integration has now been carried out at Sarinah stores in Jakarta, Bandung, Malang and several other areas.


In the upcoming time, when Sarinah Thamrin begins to operate fully, it will not encounter significant technical obstacles. The 24-hour shopping to fulfill the lifestyle of the people of the metropolis can be done in collaboration with financial institutions and shipping or shipping service companies in the market place.

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