This week, we have entered the Eid holiday period, so many business actors have also temporarily closed their shops. Are you also one of them? Or are you one of the team that keeps on selling during Eid? Well, whatever your choice, keep in mind that the period after Lebaran Holidays is no less important. Come on, follow these tips so that your shop is selling well!


1. Launching the latest products and services

You can use the moment after Eid to launch the latest product or service. To make it more attractive, also provide a tester or promo such as discount and cashback. Meanwhile, you can also provide face-to-face payment services on the Cashlez App which makes the transaction process safer and more practical.


2. Recognize customer psychology

Another thing that you should also do so that sales can sell well is to recognize customer psychology. This is done by adapting your product to the personality of the customer. To do this, you need to pay attention to how customers react to the way you sell.


3. Doing introspection from previous experiences

When something that is expected has not been achieved, you cannot easily give up. Find out what things you can improve and learn from there. Because basically, the failure you experience can be an opportunity to develop in a better direction. So, you can prepare other business strategies.


4. Hold a flash sale

Do you want your shop to be visited by many customers? Try to have a flash sale. Unlike discounts which usually have a period of time of several days, flash sales usually last only a few hours. Meanwhile, products are also offered at a lower price than the discounted price. However, the number of sales is also limited, for example, only for 10 items.


There will always be ways to make your store sell well, from promos to new product launches. Therefore, you also need to take advantage of the creativity you have!

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