In order to run a business smoothly, of course, business actors need sales strategies. Well, in buying and selling activities, we must often hear the term PO namely pre order. Pre-orders are indeed often a mainstay for business actors, especially those who sell online. So, what is meant by the term pre-order?


Through pre order, customers will pay first


Pre order refers to a sales system that records customer orders in advance. So, the goods ordered by the customer are not available directly, but must be ordered and require a certain period of time to be delivered to the customer. When following a pre order, the customer will first provide a deposit to the seller.


Why do you have to provide a pre order system?


So, is the pre-order system effective? Of course the answer is yes. The reason is, pre-orders will increase the enthusiasm of your customers for the products they ordered. In addition, pre-orders are also suitable for use in certain situations, for example when you are launching a new product, presenting a massive promotion, or an exclusive product that is only presented at certain moments such as the moment before Christmas Day.

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Tips for running pre-orders effectively


Now, because you already understand the advantages of implementing a pre-order system, you also have to find out how to implement an effective PO system for customers. Therefore, make sure to follow these 4 tips!


1. Understand your duties and all staff when pre-ordering


As a business owner, you need to dedicate yourself and invite the whole team to commit to the pre-order plan that will be implemented. You see, the PO system also requires a special strategy, starting from the required budget, the types of goods to be offered, and the ordering mechanism. Divide tasks with the team so that the OD system can run smoothly, such as the task of promoting the OD program and providing customer service.


2. Prepare a pre-order timeline based on your business system


Before you present a pre order, be sure to also prepare a timeline as a reference for you and your team. For example, before the pre-order is enforced, you and your team must record all types of products that will be offered. Then, before the PO period ends, you also need to recapitulate customer orders. Now, to make it easier for you to record payments, you can use Cashlez Reporting which records all transactions automatically!

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3. Show plus value in your product


Your customers must of course have a clear reason why they should buy the products you offer through the PO system. Therefore, the products that you present must have a plus value and are products that cannot be found easily. For example, if you have a clothing store, you can present a PO for casual clothes made of environmentally friendly materials.


4. Hold a campaign to make your pre order more popular


Regardless of how attractive and quality the products you offer are, of course your PO system cannot run smoothly when no one knows about it. So, also hold a campaign about products or promos at your place of business so that the audience can find out information about the pre-order.


The PO system basically not only helps business actors to sell more effectively, but can also provide benefits to customers, such as getting special edition products or products with more affordable prices. So, do you belong to the category of business actors who apply the PO system or not?


Pre-order strategies need to be well-considered, well thought out, and well executed to have the best chance at success. A good pre-order strategy should be planned in advance, from the product itself to the marketing campaign for pre-launch, launch, and post-launch, and the order and inventory management that follows to fulfil pre-orders.


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