Every businessman certainly faces difficulties when running his business. Many things can happen like problems when serving buyers or making inaccurate and time-consuming sales reports. Although the emergence of these problems is considered reasonable, of course you should find a solution to overcome them, namely by becoming Cashlez Merchant. Besides the practical way to register, you can also feel these 6 benefits.
  1. One solution for various payment methods
The rapid financial digitalization has made us discover various non-cash payment instruments. To receive all types of digital payments, you only need to provide Cashlez, which you can carry anywhere because it has been integrated via a smartphone.
  1. Free mPOS features for sales purposes
In addition to receiving payment, you can use the mPOS feature of the free Cashlez Application available on the App Store and Play Store. All merchandise and prices will be recorded there making it easier for you to service buyers.
  1. The registration process is easy and fast
If you run an individual business, you only need to attach your KTP, NPWP, and registration form to become a Cashlez Merchant. Meanwhile, if your business is a business entity, you also need a company tax ID and SIUP.
  1. Monitor sales anytime and anywhere
After complete registration and becoming a Cashlez Merchant, you can access sales reports through the Cashlez advanced dashboard. Every transaction you make will be recorded in real time, so you can see the report anytime and anywhere.
  1. A simple settlement process
Too much things to do in your business often makes us forget to do settlement. In fact, you certainly need money for your operational needs. Now, by using Cashlez, you can set the settlement time by yourself.
  1. One account is enough to accept all transactions
Cashlez Merchant just need to have one account to accommodate all sales. So, you only need to check the amount of your income and the amount of funds transferred to your account.
If there is a solution that simplifies your business dealings, why do you have to spend your time and energy? Let’s grow your business with Cashlez!
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