For some people, building brand awareness may only need to be done by large-scale businesses. In fact, brand awareness is also important for small-scale business development! However, how do small businesses do branding? Of course, I can! Nowadays, you can do product marketing with a minimal budget, for example in the following 6 ways!


  1. Be active on social media

One of the easiest ways to build brand awareness is to be active on social media. So, you shouldn’t just offer your products through personal social media. Create your own social media business so you can more easily interact with customers. To make it more interesting, don’t forget to prepare content that is relevant to your business!


  1. Create a custom column for customer reviews

Until now, customer reviews are still an important factor influencing the sales process. You see, customer reviews can influence a prospect’s decision to buy a product or not. So, the positive reviews you get can help you build a reputation with customers. Not only that, customer reviews can also be evaluations so you can present even better products and services.


  1. Educate the customers

As a business actor, of course you want to sell as many products as possible. However, to be able to survive in the midst of intense business competition, you should not only focus on sales, but also provide education about your products to your customers and audience on social media. Maybe, this method does not immediately show results, however, providing education can be your opportunity to become closer to customers.


  1. Participate in communities and events

So that your product is known to many people, you can also participate, both in a community and certain events. Try to find which community suits your type of business and what events the audience matches your target consumer with. By actively participating, you can also partner with other business actors!


  1. Provide merchandise

Who doesn’t love merchandise? This simple method can make your business even more recognized! Just make simple merchandise such as pens, goodie bags, and other items that a lot of people need and include your brand logo there. You can distribute this merchandise to customers who buy in large quantities and potential customers.


  1. Optimize customer service

Regardless of how attractive and quality your product is or how much your audience is on social media, efforts to build brand awareness will be in vain if you don’t provide professional customer service. So, besides branding on social media, you need to maximize customer service by responding to their questions and complaints.


Regardless of the scale of your business, of course, building brand awareness is a must. Come on, start building your brand awareness from now on!

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