Have you ever realized that nowadays, many young people want to have their own business? Reporting from merdeka.com, the SMERU survey conducted in 2020 showed that 73 percent of millennials and Generation Z have an interest in entrepreneurship.


The good news is that this interest has great potential for Indonesia. You see, the number of millennials and Generation Z in Indonesia covers 64.7 percent of the total population. So, what is the reason many young people are interested in the business sector? Here’s the explanation!


1. Opportunity for the long term

When you set up a business at a young age, of course you have the opportunity to run the business in the long term. Moreover, you develop the business with various innovations, such as additional product choices and non-cash transaction services from the Cashlez App. As time goes by, of course, the business that the younger generation is engaged in will grow and produce satisfying profits.


2. Have motivation in the business field

Being an entrepreneur is not easy because you have to work hard and focus on running your business. The same thing can also be seen in people who run businesses at a young age also motivated by their motivation in the business field. In addition, they will also be enthusiastic about the ideas that are in their minds.


3. Want to practice adaptability

The younger generation who want to have their own business tend to be more flexible. Moreover, they also have to deal with various situations so they have to adapt smartly. Of course, the younger generation also has the potential to adapt, for example in terms of using technology that they can use to optimize business performance.


4. Have a great opportunity to do business

Say you are currently a fresh graduate, or still in school. In this condition, you certainly don’t have many responsibilities so you have a great opportunity to open your own business. To start a business, you can use your own savings or work with family or friends who also share the same vision.


5. Courage to get out of your comfort zone

Who says millennials and Generation Z don’t have the courage to take risks and step outside their comfort zone? Instead, you as a young entrepreneur can make decisions to do business and realize the ideas you have. In addition, you will also learn to make decisions based on certain considerations.


6. Promising business prospects

It is undeniable that business motivation is not only influenced by passion, but also promising prospects. For example, you have to run a food and beverages business. Moreover, since you started a business, there will be many new things that you can learn and be useful for your future. Meanwhile, you also have plenty of time and opportunity to improve and develop your business


7. Want to learn to manage finances

As a young entrepreneur, you will learn important aspects of doing business such as profit, loss, net profit, and gross profit. By understanding these aspects, you will also find ways to find out how to manage business finances efficiently.


Of course, the willingness to open a business among millennials and generation Z is not caused by trends alone. In fact, there is a lot of potential and lessons that they can get as entrepreneurs.
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