After 2 years of being abolished, finally last week we were all able to return to enjoying vacation together with the Lebaran holiday. Not a few who take advantage of this opportunity to meet family in their hometown or travel out of town. Of course, vacation time is not only an opportunity for us to unwind, but also to get business inspiration, one of which is a souvenir business with promising potential.


In addition to tourist attractions and accomodations, souvenir shops are also visited during the holidays. You see, travelers and tourists usually bring gifts for those closest to them. In addition, through the advancement of digital technology, not a few buyers are also ordering souvenirs online. Well, if you have or plan to run a souvenir business, take advantage of the opportunities that exist through the implementation of the following strategies!

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1. Prepare your plan in advance


Before you start a business, be sure to make some observations first. This is important so that you can see how the business trend in the souvenir sector is. For example, if you want to open a souvenir business near a tourist spot, of course you can provide typical regional products such as clothes and works of art. Meanwhile, if you want to open a souvenir shop for important events, you can offer design services to your customers.


2. Follow your gut


Preparing a plan to run a souvenir business is important. However, that doesn’t mean you can always rely on the plan. Sometimes, what you face is different from what you planned so you have to make a decision. If you experience this, be sure to make a decision based on various considerations and follow your gut. Because as a business owner, you will of course make decisions based on what you need most.

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3. Start collecting product collection


Are you a collector of items such as paintings, bags, or key chains? Don’t miss this opportunity as a way to make the souvenir business you run more interesting. You can offer these collectibles to visitors who come. Meanwhile, if you are not a collector, you can start collecting souvenir products based on your passion.


4. Arrange creative displays and promotional strategies


When you have a physical store, then make sure to organize the souvenir products you sell creatively, for example based on the most popular items or color categories. In addition, you can also promote these products so that potential customers are more interested in buying, for example through a bundling strategy for similar products.


5. Using technology to help business


Like other business sectors, the souvenir business that you run also needs to take advantage of the use of technology. You see, these technologies will make it easier for you to manage your business, for example, through the non-cash payment facilities available on the Cashlez Application. Without the hassle of queuing, customers can practically choose the payment method they want.


6. Provide additional services


Running a business isn’t just about increasing sales as much as possible, it’s also about maintaining good customer relationships while providing a memorable shopping experience. Therefore, do not hesitate to provide additional services, such as gift wrapping services.


As a type of business that offers a wide variety of distinctive products, the souvenir business has many opportunities to increase sales. Therefore, you also need to implement appropriate strategies so that the souvenir business you run can grow.

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