As we know, climate change has become a very crucial issue because it will have a direct impact on the environment and living things. Therefore, we are all advised to start environmental conservation. For example, such as the implementation of the 3R program, namely reuse, reduce, and recycle that continues to be developed to anticipate the effects of global warming.


Efforts to protect the environment basically can indeed be applied to our daily activities. Well, for business people, environmental preservation can also be done during business operations. For example, such as when producing goods or packaging. If you want to be one of the businesses that build environmentally friendly businesses, don’t forget to follow the following 4 simple tips, ok ?


  1. Reduce waste production

Starting an environmentally friendly business can be done through simple things, such as reducing waste production. Because as we know, the high level of consumption is sometimes not accompanied by access to information to process waste and waste. Therefore, as a business actor, you can prevent this by minimizing the waste that you produce. Meanwhile, you can also recognize the types of waste so you can avoid waste that has a negative impact on the environment. 


  1. Utilizing existing waste

Basically, environmentally friendly business aims to be a solution to the accumulation of waste. In the past, garbage was always a bother. But through environmentally friendly businesses, the waste can be useful. This is a challenge for you who want to bring environmentally friendly business. You can sort various types of waste, ranging from plastic waste, metal paper, to organic waste such as fish bones and humus from animals. It would be better if you start managing waste from those around you first. So in addition to opening business opportunities, you have also contributed to helping the surrounding community overcome the waste problem.


  1. Utilizing renewable energy

If your business produces its own products to sell, then you definitely need energy. For example, you who sell food will need gas when processing the food. Well, if you want to make your business more environmentally friendly, you can optimize renewable energy. Examples include the use of sunlight to replace lamps and bioethanol fuels made from plants and function to replace fossil fuels. Meanwhile, if you need an electric turbine drive, you can use hydropower. The use of renewable energy can be adjusted to your business needs and environmental conditions.


  1. Build an environmentally friendly business place

If the business you including large-scale enterprises and in need of a room or building, you also can build a friendly business environment. It’s very simple really, you can start by increasing the air vent so the air is fresh and the sun can get into the room effectively. This method will also benefit you to save operational costs because without adequate air ventilation, you have to use air conditioners and lights for a long time. In addition to regulating air vents, you can also use materials that are free of chemicals so that the conditions of the place of business become more comfortable.


Anyone can be a part of supporting environmental conservation, including business actors. Moreover, protecting the environment is not difficult and requires a lot of money. Importantly, we can make decisions based on environmental interests.
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