Advances in the digital era allow us to get everything in one hand. Not only that, technological advances have also made significant changes to the business world. The problem is whether we want it or not, we as business actors must adjust to business digitization which is not limited to place or time.


What is meant by business digitization?

Business digitization is a process that transforms communication, interaction, and all benefits in business to digital. Through the application of business digitization, business people switch from conventional systems to virtual ones. This process includes many things, from transactions to how a business actor manages a business and aims to make the performance of business actors more efficient.


Business digitization steps

So, how do you start digitalizing in business? Basically, business digitization can be started from simple things such as:


1. Setting up a business website

The first thing we can do to digitize our business is to set up a website for our business. In this era of industrial revolution 4.0, the presence of a website for business is very important. You see, now online shopping activities have increased rapidly. Hence, it is not surprising that we are now also familiar with the terms e-banking and e-commerce.


2. Making the website a place for transactions

The website that you prepare for your business also needs to be a land of income. Use photos of the products and services you offer along with descriptions on the website. So, customers can see and get information about the products they want to buy. For payment options, you can integrate an online card payment solution on the Cashlez App. Through this feature, customers only need to pay using the payment link that you send to them.


3. Setting up social media and contacts

In running a business, you will definitely interact with customers. Therefore, at this time, you also need to provide contacts, both in the form of telephone numbers, e-mails, and social media. You see, business social media accounts not only help you run a business, but also increase brand awareness in online audiences.


4. Managing an online business

As already explained, business digitization is a process where you change conventional ways to digital ones. Therefore, it is important to change the habit of managing a business from manual to digital ones. If in the past you relied on notebooks to recap all sales, now you can directly use Cashlez’s reporting feature which can record all transactions in real time. So, you don’t need to visit the shop!


5. Ulitizing this era’s technology

In accordance with the 4.0 revolution which affects all fields, even in the business sector, business people can also have the convenience of running a business. Through the Cashlez App, which acts like a cashier, you can serve customers practically. The payment features in this App also vary and can be adjusted to the customer’s payment instrument. You can also get other excellent features, from cash flow summaries to stock management if you choose to subscribe to the premium features!


Business digitization is not something you can ignore if we want your business to grow. Moreover, in the midst of intense business competition, business actors must also be able to adapt to current trends. Come on, start with easy and sure steps to make your business even more digital with the Cashlez App! 


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