Business can be a journey that we set our own direction. Therefore, we need to consider many things before starting to run a business, for example what kind of business we want to run. Moreover, we also often hear that business must be in accordance with passion so that we can be more enthusiastic about running it. Approximately, is it true that passion has a big impact on business?
For Yanie, one of the Cashlez Merchants who has a pastry business, passion in doing business is indeed very important. This is because passion will keep us motivated and enjoy the things we do. As a lover of pastries and pastry, Yanie began to open his business, namely Yanies Cookies since 2015. When she first opened, Yanie not only provided pastries, but also various cakes, bowls, and bread made based on customer orders.
Yanie’s passion for baking cookies keeps her trying to expand her business. Until now, Yanies continues to offer various new product variants to customers, such as risol mayo and white bread. Not only that, Yanie also often participates in exhibitions in order to introduce his products to prospective customers. In fact, Yanie has also had the opportunity to attend exhibitions in Brunei Darussalam and Thailand!
However, Yanie admitted that passion alone is not enough to make us successful in business. We also need to be committed to what we do. Therefore, Yanies Cookies always ensures that its products are of premium quality, both in taste, texture and appearance. For Yanie, the biggest happiness of pastry business is not because it can make a variety of recipes, but can see customer satisfaction after tasting the homemade cake.
So, passion alone is not enough to make a person’s business grow because basically, business people must also dare to get out of their comfort zone and give positive influence to their customers. Before opening her business, Yanie had considered several things besides his passion for baking. He saw that the pastry business was one of the promising business opportunities because the target customers came from various circles. Not to mention, this business also has sales opportunities that increase rapidly when approaching celebrations such as Eid al-Fitr and Christmas.
In addition, Yanie’s decision to open a business is also driven by the desire to be a solution for its customers who are looking for tasty snacks, without preservatives, as well as halal. Hence, sweet Yanies Cookies pastry products can be stored for eight months, while salty ones can be stored for one year. In addition, Yanies Cookies is also fully committed to prioritizing customer satisfaction with safe and neat packaging so as to ensure that customer order packages are well received.
In matters of service, Yanie is also committed to providing the best for customers. In the past, Yanie often experienced difficulties when receiving non-cash payments from customers. This is certainly a waste of customer time. However, now Yanie has found Cashlez as her best business partner. With just one payment machine, Yanies customers can pay using a debit / credit card bearing the VISA, Master Card, GPN, and JCB logos. When attending an exhibition, she no longer needs to bother providing change.

In the current pandemic, Yanie doesn’t need to worry because ordering cookies from Yanies Cookies can continue through shipping expeditions. While for business payments, she can use the Cashlez Link feature. Through this feature, customers only need to make online payments using a debit card or credit card. So, Yanies Cookies mainstay products can still be enjoyed without the need to bother coming to the store.
It is important for every business person to balance passion with a commitment to continue to develop and provide the best products and services for customers. Make Cashlez your business partner so you can manage your business more practically with the sales report feature that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.




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