When you were in college, have you ever heard the term "kuda-kuda?" Of course, horses in this context have absolutely nothing to do with technique in a particular sport. Instead, kuda-kuda is a term that refers to the tendency of students to run a business. Because kuda-kuda means kuliah dagang, kuliah dagang (study while running a business)


Running a business while following lessons in college is certainly not an easy thing. You must be able to use the time you have effectively. In addition, business owners who are still in college also need to apply the following tips!


1. Expand your network


Do you know what is one of the advantages of opening a business while still in college? The answer is the opportunity to build a network. Because as we know, apart from studying in class, students can also take part in other activities such as student associations, competitions, seminars, and so on. You can use these activities to get to know other students who have the potential to become your customers and business partners.


2. Focus on excellence


Showing the advantages you have is one of the things that business owners must do. So, the business you run is not just about what you want, but what you offer your customers. Always do your best because when you can show satisfactory sales results, then you can prove that you are worthy to run a business while studying.


3. Don’t be selfish


Of course, a unique business will be the main attraction for potential customers. However, that doesn’t mean you only focus on yourself when running a business. Start to pay attention to the small things that you can improve on your business. Prioritize the focus you have on honing your skills. So that you can get the skills that support business people in the digital era, start by registering for training classes through Luarsekolah.com!


4. Selectively choose the type of business


Every student who runs a business certainly has different motivations. There are those who want to become more financially independent, apply the knowledge learned on campus, or also fill their spare time with productive activities. However, you also need to remember that you can’t just choose the type of business. Prioritize things that will help you make judgments. For example, you choose an online business that is more flexible so you can run it while studying.


5. Always be professional


Regardless of what profession you are in, your behavior will have a huge impact on the opportunities you will get. Therefore, you must always be professional towards anyone, be it neighbors, lecturers, colleagues, or other people. You see, the interactions you have with them can be an opportunity to show that you can be relied on.


6. Communicate well


Advances in communication technology really help you to make your business grow, even when you are also in college. This is because you can respond to questions and process customer orders in a practical way. Therefore, you must also take advantage of this opportunity as well as possible through the application of good communication. Make it a habit to reread the message you want to send to customers to make sure whether the message is appropriate and clear or not.


Even though you’re in college, that doesn’t mean you can’t run a business. You can do both if you keep practicing to make effective use of time and opportunities. So, are you ready to run a business while in college?


This blog is a collaboration between Cashlez and Luarsekolah.


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