The coffee business is one of the promising business opportunities because for most consumers, coffee is not just a beverage, but has become a lifestyle. Hence, it is not surprising that noted that Indonesia became the 6th largest coffee consumption country in the world. We can also find various coffee shops that are always crowded, not only at certain hours.

The high enthusiasm of coffee enthusiasts can be seen in Smartfolks Coffee, a coffee shop located in the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Trisakti. Established since mid-September 2019, Smartfolks Coffee has opened branches in 4 other places, namely the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia Salemba branch, Al Azhar University, Manhattan Times Square Medan, and Mall Artha Gading. Sri Hartati who is the founder of Smartfolks Coffee stated that in the future, Smartfolks Coffee will also be opened in other places.

According to Merchant Cashlez, who is often called Mrs. Tati, Smartfolks Coffee was established as a form of support for authentic Indonesian coffees. As we know, Indonesia does have a variety of superior quality coffee so that we as Indonesian people should be proud and recognize domestic products. At Smarfolks Coffee itself, Mrs. Tati uses Arabica coffee from Aceh and Robusta originating from Sidikalang. The enjoyment of these two Nusantara Archipelago is so pronounced, especially Smartfolks Coffee baristas not only use one shot, but two shots for coffee drinks.

As a coffee business owner, Mrs. Tati also admitted that she wanted to establish Smartfolks Coffee as a way to convey messages to the public. In accordance with the name and logo of this coffee shop, namely Smartfolks and the logo of people using a graduation toga hat. The word "Smartfolks" does not only mean smart people, but educated people. "Whoever you are, whatever you do, education is important. Therefore, you need to go to school and become a graduate, "said Mrs. Tati. This motivation also made him decide to open the first branch of Smartfolks Coffee at a university in Jakarta.

In addition to providing a variety of coffee drinks, Smartfolks Coffee customers can also enjoy other mainstay menus, ranging from Tropical Fruit Aloe Vera, Taro Pearl Jelly, Thai Tea Pearl Jelly, and Chocolate Pearl Jelly with a variety of additional toppings, including soy milk, espresso shot, and almond milk. Meanwhile, Mrs. Tati and her colleagues also plan to present other menus that can be enjoyed with coffee. Because at this time, he also provides a variety of certain signature menus that can only be ordered when certain holidays only.

When asked about her experience in pioneering the coffee business, Mrs. Tati did not dismiss that she also faced various challenges because as we know, not a few people have struggled in this business. However, for him it is not a reason to give up. Instead, the challenges faced need to be used as a reference to continue learning and developing so that Smartfolks Coffee can be more developed. This is what keeps Mrs. Tati trying to provide reliable menus for her customers.

Having a business in different branches will certainly make Mrs. Tati’s activities very crowded. He must go from one place to another to continue to make sure his coffee business runs smoothly, not to mention when he needs to record all sales. Of course, doing it manually will be very time consuming. However, as one of the smart business actors, Mrs. Tati knows that she can utilize technology, namely CashlezONE, a tool that is equipped with a cashier application as well as various payment features. So, customers only need to choose, what type of transaction he will do, either through cash, digital payments such as LinkAja, OVO, and GoPay, as well as various credit and debit cards.

It takes motivation and determination to make our business grow. Challenges will always be there, but each of these challenges can also be faced in the right way. Like CashlezONE which answers the difficulties of business people who have been bother

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