Not a few of us who have plans to open their own businesses. But unfortunately, some of us might not have realized the plan. There are factors that are still "blocking" so that it causes us to hesitate to take certain steps . Here are eight reasons why we have not dared to open our own business.


  1. Not dare to take risks

One of the weaknesses we most often have is not having the courage to take risks, including for business. Even though we haven’t started yet, we are already worried and thinking about what if our business can’t run as we expect. In fact, the more we worry, the more we also lose our motivation to do business.


  1. Don’t have a network

It would be a plus if we have a wide network when trying to set up a business, especially if our business is a project based business. If we have many acquaintances, then our opportunities to run business projects are also greater. And conversely, if we don’t have many acquaintances, then the opportunities for doing business will also be fewer.


  1. Minimal capital, limited time

When we still have another busy life, the time we have to plan a business is also limited. This often causes us not to realize our plans. Meanwhile, besides time, another factor that also hasn’t made us move is due to minimal capital.


  1. Not experienced enough

Some business segments do require expertise and experience from their owners so they can run their business smoothly. For example, we want to open a vehicle service. Therefore, we should also know ways to repair vehicles so that we do not fully rely on the staff.


  1. Haven’t found a business idea

In starting a business, the thing that often makes you confused is to determine what type of business you want to open. Remember, the business you are running cannot just follow the trend because it will be easily replaced. So, think about the type of promising business that you are also interested in.


  1. Feeling it’s too late

There are times when, plans to open their own businesses are also hampered because of a sense of regret. Some of us might think that we should open the business long ago. Regret is human, but we must not drag on the regret so that in the end there is no action we can take.


  1. Wait until it’s ready

Prospective business actors who already have business preparations are indeed easier to realize their plans. This is because they have already thought about the things they need to do, starting from looking for capital, the location of the store, to the type of product they want to sell. However , don’t let our preparations keep your plans delayed. While running the business, we are also going to learn a lot of things loh !


  1. Still want to be in the comfort zone

Believe it or not, one of the things that makes it most difficult for potential entrepreneurs to act is because they are still comfortable with what they are now doing. If you start something new, of course they must be prepared with new habits too. Not to mention the various challenges that will be faced. So when you want to do business, you have to want to get out of that comfort.


Opening your own business is not as easy as turning your palm. But do not let it make us afraid to get out of our comfort zone. Among the eight reasons that make someone hesitate to do business, which represent you? To be sure, keep trying to eliminate your doubts, yes !

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