Even though we has entered the digital era that is supported by rapid economic growth, there are still many business people who are hesitant to start their online business. In fact, actually a lot of tablets of businesses that use the Internet to offer goods and services. This is due to a change in the way of shopping. Previously, customers had to come to the store, now customers can shop without coming to the store.


One reason that businesses are still hesitant to sell online is because of communication. Many people think that coming directly to a store is more convincing than just seeing it through photos. In fact, to come to the store, buyers would have to spend time and transportation costs. Meanwhile, businesses also need to rent a special place to sell. Not to mention the limited store opening hours.


If providing an online shopping system, businesses can communicate with their customers quickly and practically without being limited by store operating hours. In addition, online product promotion can also be an effective marketing method for customers as long as businesses provide a variety of things that are required. Some of them are product descriptions, product reviews, and chat services for customers who want to ask questions or complaints.


When you can respond to orders and customer inquiries quickly, of course their level of satisfaction will increase and you can also become a more professional business actor because it is not fixed by time and distance. Remember, what consumers need before deciding to shop is the right information, whether the product is suitable for their needs or not.


Through an online store you can also reach more customers than just opening a physical store. Customers who for example live outside the city or abroad can still shop because you can send their orders through the expedition service. And, they can also transact practically and safely if you provide the Cashlez Link online payment feature from the Cashlez Application that you can download for free through the App Store or Play Store.

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