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Approaching Eid al-Fitr, restaurant businesses can get a lot of orders. You see, people will visit or order food to be enjoyed with their family members and closest friends. Of course, in order for the process of serving food and service in a restaurant to run smoothly, businesses must make preparations. Let’s learn what restaurant owners need to do to welcome customers during the Eid holiday!


1. Discuss your plans clearly with the staff


The earlier you tell the staff to discuss, the easier it will be for you to prepare. Give clear directions for the plan you want to implement. After that, you will get input from the staff. Apart from the opinions of the staff, make sure you also look for information about what restaurant visitors expect during Eid, such as special chairs for children who are still toddlers.


2. Give training to all the staff you employ


After you talk about restaurant business strategies, then don’t forget to also provide training to the staff. This training can aim to ensure staff can present special Eid menus or process non-cash payment services appropriately so that the restaurant business can run smoothly without any problems.

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3. Plan what menu will be served


At special moments like Eid al-Fitr, you can present a special menu for customers. So, start considering what Eid special menus can be served. Archipelago specialties such as ketupat, sambal ati, and rendang can be the right choice. Or, you can also serve typical Middle Eastern menus such as samosas and kebuli rice.


4. Provide a special menu for customers who have allergies


Apart from providing menus for Eid, you can also consider a special menu for people who are abstinent or allergic. For example, you can present processed dishes made without eggs. In addition, you can also offer gluten-free snacks.


5. Make sure you can respond to customers quickly


In addition to food quality, restaurant businesses must also be responsive, one of which is when customers ask questions or need help. That’s why you can also adjust restaurant operating hours during the Eid holidays, for example, such as extending opening hours or providing take away services.

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6. Hold special offers such as price discounts


Want to make the Lebaran atmosphere in the restaurant even more interesting? Don’t forget to provide special offers in the form of discounted prices. This discount can be given for purchasing certain menus, such as dessert or main course. Apart from that, you can also provide coupons or vouchers that can be exchanged when visitors come back to the restaurant.


7. Prepare supplies of raw materials in large quantities


In the midst of busy managing a restaurant, don’t forget to provide a large stock of raw materials. The reason is, during the Eid holidays, suppliers may have holidays. If this happens, you will find it difficult to find alternative vendors, especially when time is very limited.


8. Evaluate how the entire team works


After carrying out a business strategy on Eid al-Fitr, make sure you also do an evaluation. This is important to help you find out what is right and what you need to fix. So, at the moment of Eid next year, you can present even better services and products than before.


The Eid holiday season is coming soon. If you prepare your restaurant business properly, from the aspect of dishes to service, then you will be able to increase profits satisfactorily. Use the Cashlez Payment Gateway service so that you and your customers can carry out practical, safe and comfortable transactions!

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