Before potential customers decide to buy goods or services, in general they will first see reviews of the products they want. Moreover, nowadays information about other customers’ opinions is very easy to access through online platforms. In addition, potential customers can also see information about a brand through social media.

Seeing this trend, you as a business owner certainly need to improve your reputation so that it can attract the attention of the customer category you are targeting. The trick is to manage the reputation of the brand that you create. In addition, you also need to avoid mistakes in managing business reputation as described below!


1. Not having a strategy to manage business reputation


Although often overlooked, a strategy for managing a business’s reputation is critical. Through this strategy, you can prepare a way to respond if there are negative reviews. Moreover, as reported by, more than 70% of customers in Indonesia will see product reviews first before making a purchase.

To prepare a strategy for managing business reputation, you can start from setting standards to responding to customer feedback. In addition, make sure to also determine the flow if a customer encounters a problem and needs help from your team.


2. Does not provide updated information


The latest information about your business also needs to be updated on existing channels such as websites, social media, and flyers. This may seem simple, but actually, this notification of information has a big impact! Can you imagine if you have to lose the opportunity to get customers just because you haven’t updated the store address?

In addition to ensuring that all information about your business is correct, you also need to periodically evaluate your business profile. Maybe, there is another way of branding that looks more appropriate and you want to apply.

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3. Not doing branding consistently


Regardless of what business you run, branding will help you introduce your business to potential customers. Therefore, a branding must be made consistently on different platforms so that customers will more easily recognize it.

When you can do branding consistently, it will indirectly help you to build customer trust. On the other hand, when you do branding that is fickle, then you will find it difficult to attract the attention of customers.


4. Putting aside customer reviews


The reviews you get are not always positive. However, that doesn’t mean you can avoid these reviews. Ignoring criticism from customers can hurt your business reputation.

Therefore, try to start communicating with customers so that you get a new opinion on what your business should develop. Also, make sure to respond politely so you can show that you are professional and respect your customers.

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5. Not asking customers to leave reviews


One of the important things that you need to pay attention to in building a business reputation is asking your loyal customers to provide reviews. You can send the request via email as a reminder.

After that, you can monitor the responses you receive from customers and compare them with the number of sales. You see, these reviews can affect product sales figures.


There are various channels that can contain reviews about your business, ranging from social media, marketplaces, and websites.


A successful business is not only seen from how many products are successfully sold. People’s view of their business also plays an important role for an effective business branding process. Therefore, make sure to always prioritize brand reputation! Do not let you make hasty decisions so that your reputation will decline. In fact, the process to build a reputation is not instant.

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