Reporting from, besides being one of the pillars of economic growth that contributes to more than 61% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Indonesian MSMEs also have great potential for export activities in Indonesia. For this reason, the government continues to strive for Indonesian MSMEs to become more developed and enter the global market, for example through showroom facilities, mentoring, and design development activities.


Despite having great potential, MSME actors also face challenges in the current era, namely adapting to the development of digital technology. Based on data obtained from the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, the number of MSME actors who have used online platforms is only about 8% of the total MSMEs in Indonesia. In fact, there are various opportunities that can be accessed by MSME actors if their business has been switched into digital.


As a Payment Gateway provider that has obtained a permit from Bank Indonesia and is supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Cashlez collaborates with PT Sarinah which is known as “The Window of Indonesia.” Both Cashlez and Sarinah have the same vision, which is to support Indonesian MSMEs to compete in the global market. Sarinah’s retail business has also provided various superior products by local brands.


Founded in 2015, Cashlez, a local fintech startup, has provided business solutions for more than 13,000 business players in Indonesia from various sectors, such as transportation, tourism, F&B, and retail. The collaboration between Cashlez and Sarinah itself has been scheduled for March 2022 at the Sarinah Grand Launch series. All Sarinah outlets will later provide cashless payment features from the Cashlez App, such as debit/credit cards, Virtual Accounts, QRIS, and PayLater.


The presence of the Cashlez payment solution in Sarinah will improve the customer’s shopping experience because customers can make digital transactions practically and quickly. Of course, this is in accordance with the tendency of the people of the metropolis who need unhindered shopping access. Meanwhile, the digitalization of payments in Sarinah also supports the principle of sustainability which is the main key in the future market and the world.


Take a deeper look at how Cashlez improves the shopping experience at Sarinah Store in this video!


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