Hectic schedules, tight social restrictions because of the pandemic, challenges during working from home, and any other difficult situations seem to be the ultimate reasons to complain. Indeed, it is okay to admit and embrace our negative feelings, but we shouldn’t let ourselves be stuck gripping over and over again. After all, just like a two sided coin, everything has the good and bad sides.


The same goes for the way we see the COVID-19 outbreak. On the one hand, the pandemic, which impacts on most of our entire lives, forces us to adjust our lifestyle, such as meeting by using online video conferences  and limiting our mobilities. On the other hand, it also gives us valuable lessons to appreciate anything we got. Fiktor Parulian Hutapea, the Operations Staff of Cashlez, shared the 3 things to stop being taken for granted.


1. The Supportive Work Environment

Fiktor who is to the part of the Operations Team had never expected that he could also actualize himself while working. It is more than tackling your responsibilities, but also getting the chances to grow with the supportive team. “As long as you are proactive, your surrounding will support you to explore this field.”


There are various parts in operations teams, such as feature activations, transactions monitoring, registrations, and readers distribution. Even though the latter is handled by Fiktor, he and the other Operations Team are open to each other, so that each team member is able to help the others.


2. The Moments with Our Family

Let’s be honest. For some reasons, not everyone is comfortable working from home. It may be caused by the distractions, unstable internet connection, or the lack of networking opportunities. Fiktor also belongs to the group who prefers to work from office as he can coordinate directly with the others.


But working from home is not always a struggle as it allows us to spend more time with our family. “I have more time to play with my son as I don’t have to use my time in traffic.” It’s great to be closer with our favourite persons, especially for both Fiktor and his wife who are full time employed.


3. Our Health and Well Being

Limiting ourselves to do the things we love because of the pandemic could be emotionally exhausting. However, every cloud has a silver lining. These difficult times taught us to be more mindful of everything we already have.

Fiktor emphasized how important it was to stay fit, especially during this pandemic. When our bodies are healthy, we’re more likely to reduce the risk of getting infected. Of course, we also have to maintain strict health protocols and get vaccinated.


Besides our bodies, we should also pay attention to our mental health. We are free to choose to do what we love. For Fiktor, joining the lovebirds competitions is a great way to deal with the boredom.


Besides these struggles, we still have plenty of things we need to be grateful for. So regardless of the challenges we face, Fiktor said that “Do the good things, no matter where you are because that positive energy will always come back to you.”


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