Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are among the economic drivers in Indonesia. Reporting from Maxmanroe.com, about 60% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in our country comes from MSMEs. Not only that, the presence of SMEs also gives job opportunities for the community so that unemployment can be reduced.

Even though it is a small-scale business, SMEs in Indonesia have the opportunity to continue to grow and pursue their passion. Because, there are various assistance that can be accessed, ranging from capital assistance from the Government of Indonesia, training to improve skills, and socialization on how to manage business in the digital age. In Indonesia, we can find 6 types of the most popular MSMEs. Does your MSME fall into one of its categories? See the following explanation!


  1. MSMEs in the culinary field

Ever heard the assumption that a culinary business is a business that will always be in great demand? This is because food is one of the basic human needs. Therefore, food and beverage sales will always be sought after. There are various types of culinary businesses that can be done by MSME entrepreneurs, ranging from snacks, various drinks, to staple foods. Of course, all types of culinary businesses have their own characteristics, such as production methods and packaging systems.


  1. MSMEs that provide a variety of clothes

Like food, clothing is one of the basic human needs. Hence, the MSME business in this field is also very popular. Not to mention the different needs of human clothing. Some examples are clothes for worship, clothes for work, and clothes for leisure. In addition to producing their own clothes, MSMEs in the fashion sector can also be resellers and dropshippers from other manufacturers.


  1. MSMEs that provide online/offline courses

Education is the main capital for young people to be able to develop and compete in the professional world. Therefore, everyone has the right to receive education, both formally and informally. MSME businessmen who have a background in education and other skills can make this an opportunity to open a business. Some examples of non-formal educational institutions that are often sought are foreign language institutions, sports, and tax training.


  1. MSMEs in the automotive field

Along with the development progress, the development of the automotive world in Indonesia is also growing rapidly. This can be seen from the large number of motorbikes and cars that are always increasing. The MSMEs who have skills in the automotive field take advantage of this opportunity to open their own businesses. Some examples such as spare part shops, car and motorcycle washing services, as well as vehicle repair services.


  1. Agribusiness owners at MSME scale

As we know, Indonesia has a lot of fertile land and has the potential to become a place to grow food ingredients. The need for these materials also provides opportunities for agribusiness entrepreneurs to develop their businesses, for example through planting rice, various vegetables, various fruits, and other highly sought after plants. If it has been developed and is known by many people, agribusiness actors on the MSME scale can also sell their products abroad!


Even though the scale is not large, MSMEs are not a business that can be underestimated because many MSMEs have succeeded in developing, even exporting their production abroad. Make your MSME a business that contributes greatly to the progress of the community together with Cashlez who receives various non-cash payments and records all transactions in your store!

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