We’re getting into the mid-December, so it means that we are getting closer to the end of year holidays. But do you know that in addition to being used for a vacation together with loved ones, December is also a perfect moment for selling? As a business owners, of course you need to take advantage of this opportunity and use your creativity to continue working during the holiday period. As your inspiration, here are 8 business opportunities ahead of Christmas that have promising advantages.

1. Parcel
When celebrating Christmas, most people usually exchange gifts as a symbol of togetherness and sharing. Well, if you are good at designing and assembling parcels to make it look unique, then you can open services for your prospective customers. Remember, you also need to adjust the parcel design with the items to be filled.

2. Delivery services
Towards Christmas, one of the services whose demand is increasing rapidly is delivery services. You can offer this business to people who don’t have the chance to send gifts right away. Meanwhile, if you already have your own shop, for example, which sells souvenirs or other items, you can also add this shipping service as your additional service.

3. Souvenirs and trinkets
If you live in a strategic place, where people come to spend the holidays, you can try your luck by providing various souvenirs. There are a variety of unique and interesting Christmas decorations that can be used to enhance your Christmas tree. In addition, you can also provide various other souvenirs and accessories such as headbands or Santa hats.

4. Make Up Artist
Like other big celebratory days, women will usually make up themselves to welcome special moments on Christmas Day. So, for those of you who have the ability as a makeup artist, or for those of you who have pursued careers as beautypreneur, you can use this ability to make up your customers so they can look more stunning.

5. Various breads and cakes
Towards the end of the year, usually people will enjoy it with family and close friends while eating a variety of breads and cakes. You need to take advantage of this habit to open a variety of cake and bread ordering services, ranging from pastries to cakes that they can order according to their personal tastes.

6. Christmas greeting cards
When celebrating Christmas, people are not only looking for food and clothing, but also greeting cards as a way to stay connected with your friends, relatives, and colleagues. The greeting cards are usually also sent along with gifts and parcels. So to make it look attractive, you need to offer various greeting card designs that they can choose for themselves.

7. Christmas wreath
One of the must-have decorations in Christmas is a rounded-wreath. Usually, this wreath is placed right at the front of the door. If you are one of the florists who love arranging flower bouquets, then try to offer your services to customers who are celebrating Christmas. Compared to buying directly, of course customers will be more satisfied if they can choose their own model and type of flower they will make decoration.

8. Property rent

Do you have villas? During the year-end holidays, it is a good idea to rent that property. Provide a place to stay for tourists so they can travel and enjoy their vacation for a while. You can charge fees per day and ask them to prepare a deposit as well as a lease agreement. So if there is damage, you can immediately ask them to use the deposit for repair cost.

Starting a business is not as easy as turning your palm. But that doesn’t mean that business isn’t fun! As long as you can adjust the market demand, especially at certain moments, there will always be an opportunity for you to develop.
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