When we think back to several months ago, all of things seemed normal, didn’t it? We just went to work from Monday to Friday and enjoyed the weekend with our beloved ones by going to our favourite places, playing some sports, or even watching some latest movies. These all lasted until the thing called SARS-CoV-2 was declared as a pandemic by World Health Organization (WHO).


An unexpected situation like this pandemic has forced us to adapt as quickly as possible. We have to face various challenges that we had never thought before. However, for Andre, the AVP Development of Cashlez, this challenging condition teaches us a lot about how to be present at every moment we have.


For example, when the government implemented PSBB (Large Scale Social Restriction) in order to cut the spread of Corona Virus, many stores limited their face to face transaction service and started to optimize delivery services. This drove Andre and his team to understand what business solution they should provide to Cashlez Merchants and their customers.


“As the payment gateway that provides integrated business and payment solution for Merchants, the Cashlez team should be aware and know what are the best ways to solve the daily business problems, said Andre.” He and the team finally developed QuickShare Feature that enables Merchants to send the QR Code Payment to the customers. Without any direct contact, both of them will be able to transact in a secure and convenient way. The customers can pay the QR they receive using any e-wallet or m-banking app in their smartphone.


Being present at the pandemic time has not always been easy. Andre and the team who worked from home how essential maintaining communication and managing time effectively were. Since he did not work near the team as usual, Andre chose to give updates more often in order to avoid any misunderstandings between the team members. Keep being connected was also important to monitor the progress of the projects and make sure it would be accomplished before the deadline.


Besides the adaptation in interacting with colleagues, the work from home person also has to deal with the home situation. Because even if your job desks are the same as before, doing them from home is still different from the office. You might find some distractions, such as the noisy sound or when you were not lucky enough -- the troublesome internet connection.


Again, the being at the present method becomes a suitable way to get rid of every hassle in the new situations at home. Andre believes that one should keep a clearly defined working hours. Therefore, after getting work done, he/she can start to be present in his/her home life. On top of that, the family members sometimes expect you to help them with the household chores. So, you also have to tell them about your regular working hours.


So, although the world is freaking out, its individuals still have their own options, whether to get overwhelmed or just deal with it by simply being at the present moment. Have you tried this method in your daily lives?

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