Socrates said “we are what we think we are.” When we think positively about ourselves, the outcome will be satisfying as it improves our health and well being. Therefore, it is essential to have a growth mindset which also helps us to cope with the fast changing world.


Unlike someone who is narrow minded and believes that their abilities are fixed, someone with a growth mindset is convinced that the skills and intelligence can be developed. This of course must be supported by our efforts and dedication. Moreover, this mindset also allows us to overcome obstacles when we learn something new.


We all know that developing a growth mindset is necessary, but the process is not instant. It takes time and effort to change our perspective and conquer our fear. Besides, some advice might work effectively to motivate us. For Leonardo Primadala Putra, the advice “You have potential and you can do it above others expectations, so never be afraid of starting and trying” helps him a lot to develop a growth mindset.


The Product Specialist of Cashlez who is usually called Leo realizes how having an ability to make choices and control our own lives plays an important role in well being. It allows us to be more motivated and make changes when we feel we need to. A year ago, Leo got an internship opportunity from the campus in Cashlez, the fintech industry which he finds unique and in line with this era trend.


Last month, the IT Team, including Leo, has deployed Cashlez Premium POS, which is the latest innovation to enhance merchants’ businesses. There are many adjustments and steps they did during the development process, but the willingness to improve helped the team to do their best and appreciate the effort and time everyone committed.


“It is exciting to work with the IT Team who have their own uniqueness and embrace teamwork,” said Leo.


For Leo, our mindset also affects how we perceive work life balance. Some people might believe that it is impossible to have a work life balance. However, it depends on ourselves, the circumstances we face, and how we adapt to external factors. Outside the work, the man that previously worked as a quality assurance also loves trying hands-on experience from various unique technologies with gadgets.


In order to grow our mindset, Leo has a message for us:

Set your determination, fire up your passion, pledge your own commitment, and make those be your goals guidelines.” -Leonardo Primadala Putra-

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