For business owners, the month of January is the right time to draw up business resolution. Through this resolution, you are expected to be able to face various challenges that make your business grow even more than before. In addition, business resolution can also be an evaluation of the things that have been done in the previous year. Now, so that your business resolution can run smoothly and provide maximum results, then you also need to draw up the resolution in the following exact way.


  1. Set your goals

The first thing you need to do to make business resolution is to set goals for what you want to achieve by 2020. You also need to consider two factors, namely digital technology support and emerging business trends. By setting the right business goals, you can manage your business and accelerate its progress. 


  1. Create a Priority Scale

Once you have succeeded in setting your goals for business, now is the time to make a priority scale based on the things you need to do. Basically, you need to use a simple principle, which is to pursue targets according to your interests. Given the priority scale, you will be helped to focus on what you want to achieve in a certain period of time.


  1. Maximize Human Resources

When following the resolution, make a mapping on the human resources available at your place of business. Then, find out what resolutions can meet the needs of these resources. That way, you can match human resource capabilities with the goals you want to achieve.


  1. Determine your target milestone

Seeing what kind of strategy you will use can be one indicator to achieve the business you expect. These indicators can be applied to various things, ranging from income, profits, target markets, the level of customer satisfaction, to customer loyalty to your place of business. So, how to measure it? First try to set operational standards that need to be done to achieve the goal.


  1. Arrange the work timeline

Each business actor’s resolution will generally be made within one year. Therefore, in order for you to easily monitor it, you need to set a timeline so you know, whenever you have to start and finish the things you need to do. Remember, you need to focus on your actions, which are the application of the ideas you previously planned. From here, you will be able to measure how much or how much achievement you have done.


  1. Review and evaluate business targets

Like business owners who understand the ins and outs of a business that is run, you also need to do monitoring. In addition, you also need to review any challenges that have the potential to arise in the future. This needs to be done regularly by gathering valid information. One easy way to get sales data is to become a Cashlez Merchant that can access the sales recapitulation dashboard for free.


Resolution is something that can motivate you to drive your business to be more advanced than before. In the digital era like now, businesses need to prepare the right strategy to achieve their targets. And, these targets can be realized starting from simple things to big things. Have you drawn up a resolution for your business in 2020?
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