You still remember that last year, we were asked not to return to our hometowns to celebrate Eid. As we know, homecoming activities could potentially increase the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Well, it turns out that this year, we also still have to be patient! We have to keep celebrating this year’s Eid in our own homes, not in our hometowns.


Reporting from, the ban on going home is done because the transmission and death rates due to SARS-CoV-2 are still high, especially after a long vacation. This of course can make business actors, especially those engaged in certain sectors such as tourism, feel anxious. However, instead of just worrying, let’s try to find a solution, for example by opening a business that has a big turnover during the Eid celebration. Let’s get to know this business opportunity!


What does hampers mean?

If translated into Indonesian, hamper is basket. Now, in the context of the business world, this basket will be filled with certain items according to the agreement between the seller and the buyer.

Usually, hampers are bought not for yourself, but for others at special moments. When approaching Eid, for example, the demand for Eid hampers has increased.

So, is it almost the same as parcel? Actually, hamper and parcel are different because parcel is interpreted more as a package that has been wrapped. In addition, parcels are more common than hampers.


Tips for running a business near Eid

Now, after knowing what hampers is, Cashlezian can start learning how to start an effective Eid Hampers business. Here are the tricks:

1. Determine your market segmentation

At first, find out how much budget do you need to make an Eid hampers? This step helps you to find out who your market segment is. It could be, your hampers are suitable for young people, office workers, or other categories.


2. Active on social media

Now it is the digital age. So, you like it or not, you have to exist too, at least on social media. Even though it looks simple, having social media can help you and your customers connect with each other!


3. Creation, creation, and creation

The most important capital for hampers business actors is the courage to be creative. Because if you are nearly a flat, it will be difficult to get people interested and want to buy. So, let’s get used to brain storming to determine fresh ideas. Let’s take a peek at some of the following types of Eid hampers so that they can be your inspiration!


a. Food

Eid is related to certain dish, such as ketupat, sayur lodeh, chicken opor, and rendang and sambal ati. For you business owners who can cook Lebaran hampers, this food-filled hampers idea is worth a try. Eits, who can’t cook can also run this business through collaboration with other business actors focused in the F&B sector.


b. Praying equipment

The main essence of Eid Al-Fitr is a return to the fitrah or what is more commonly referred to as holiness. Therefore, at this special moment, you can also offer hampers containing worship equipment. To enhance the appearance of hampers, also use greeting cards or cards containing quotes from holy verses.


c. Medical tools

As we know, the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is not over yet. We must apply strict health protocols to protect ourselves and others. Now, in the special moments of Eid, business people can almost offer special packages in the form of health equipment, ranging from hand sanitizers to vitamins. Transaction matters, can be done remotely with Cashlez!


Instead of focusing on obstacles, focus on the opportunities ahead. Let’s take advantage of this special moment to increase your business!



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