Jakarta, 31 August 2020 -
The rapid development of technology and digital, requires the businesses to be able to adapt in running the business. Regardless of the type of business that is being run ,there is nothing wrong with using technology to simplify business operations. One way is to use the system Point of Sale (POS) which provides an all-in-one solution for business problems including business management.

POST cashier application. is part of the Fazz Financial Group with PAYFAZZ one of its first products. Before POST. built, the Founder see where the majority of businesses in Indonesia has not had a recording of a business that is good, so that the resulting loss in 5 years of the first business of the. Then POST. is committed to helping advance the business in the country although it is not easy, let alone change the habits of the first-round user into using the technology digital. The target market of POST. is the owner of a business in the field of meal and drinks, services such as salon, barbershop hair, and retail. By because it is, the application POST. be present to meet the various needs of the businesses in managing a business that is more easily ranging from speeding up the process of ordering, receipt of payment, reports financial, and still many features useful other.

Today (31/8), POST. application cashier announced a partnership with Cashlez, one of the payment gateway reliable in Indonesia, in providing solutions payments in application cashier POST. so that business owners can manage and grow their business. Through this collaboration, POST cashier application users . can receive payment non- cash from Cashlez ranging from card credit/debit card to the wallet digital as the future new normal time of this we will continue to support the business in Indonesia to create a transaction that is safe , by way of transacting without contact and reduce the payment of cash to non-cash.

Tee Teddy Setiawan as CEO Cashlez on broadcast news (31/8) said, "In keeping with our motto, Acceleration through Synergy, we want the road along with the players fintech other so that the perpetrators attempt to switch to digital easily. We believe the synergies of this, through the choice of payment most of Cashlez and applications cashier POST., Will be getting a lot of actors businesses who feel the ease and advantages in doing business as well as expand the acceptance of non-cash in Indonesia."

"Cashlez’ current users already reached more than 7,000 merchants are spread in all over Indonesia. Going forward, we will continue to innovate and provide the service that is best for the merchant Cashlez and merchant POST., " Added Teddy.

According to Reza Rizky Darmawan , VP of Business POST. in a press release, (31/8). " By working at this, we can focus on to provide experience best more than 30,000 merchants who already use applications cashier POST, and the whole entrepreneur Indonesia in order to be able to provide solutions payments are complete and secure, can be accessed in the grip (smartphones / tablets), as well as integrated with the POST app."

"Gain more that can be felt is the customer POST. can apply for the activation of payment digitally via Cashlez without the need to submit to the various payment providers that exist. By because it was, POST. has been able to receive various types of payments such as OVO, GoPay, LinkAja and card credit / debit card using the reader Cashlez. Hopefully the cooperation it can run with both and can help the businesses, in developing its business." Added Reza.

On the same occasion, POST. issued a premium feature service program On the same occasion, POST. issuing program service features premium is only about Rp 49,000’s per month ( from the price of normal Rp 179,000) valid until September 2020. It is expected that by the program is the businessman in Indonesia can enjoy the services POST. to grow his business .


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