Non-cash transactions have now become one of the trends of society when shopping. In the past, when your customers might have to always carry a wallet when shopping. But now, they can directly transact using their Smartphone.


There are various types of non-cash transactions that can be used to simplify the payment process. Now, if you want to provide transactions for online shops or transactions that can reduce direct contact, a virtual account can be the right choice.


So, what is a Virtual Account?


Based on its name, a virtual account (VA) refers to an account that is created virtual or not real. Therefore, a VA will usually contain a customer ID that has been created by a bank. The process of creating this virtual bank account can be submitted directly for transaction purposes.


How do Virtual Accounts work?


A virtual account will be created every time your customer makes a transaction. So, later the customer will get an ID or what is also often referred to as a Virtual Account Number. In the next transaction, each customer will get a different VA number and can be adjusted to their individual needs.

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In addition, in every transaction, consumers will get an ID which is usually called a VA number or virtual account number. In the next transaction, each consumer will also get a different and unique VA number. Not only that, the VA number will also be adjusted to each individual’s needs.


So, when your customer wants to use the VA method for transactions, then you can process it through the Cashlez App and provide the ID number to the customer. Later, the ID can be used to make payments. After the customer makes a transaction, you can immediately receive the information and process the order.

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What is the difference between the Virtual Account method and manual transfer?


Based on how it works, the Virtual Account method has a significant difference when you compare it to the manual transfer method. Transfers via VA will be more efficient because you don’t need to use a physical card. VA can be done online and your customers can directly add a nominal payment and make transactions in seconds.


Therefore, VA transactions will make it easier for you and your customers to process payments without being limited by time and place. So, your customers don’t have to waste a lot of time waiting in line. Well, usually a VA will consist of a 16-digit number that has been specifically provided for one-time use only.


Thanks to these advantages, VA can certainly guarantee transaction security, both from your side as a business actor and from the customer side. Moreover, VA payments can also be made through various channels, both mobile applications, smartphones, and websites.


It’s time to apply for the Virtual Account feature at your place of business!


Seeing the advantages that exist in the VA feature, of course you should not miss this one feature for your business. Fortunately, Cashlez Merchant can now easily provide Virtual Account payment options, namely VA Artajasa (ATM-B), VA Permata, and VA BCA through the following 3 easy steps!


  1. Open Cashlez App or Merchant Portal (Cashlez Reporting)
  2. Select “Menu” and “Request Payment Option”
  3. Select “Virtual Accounts”


As a business person today, you certainly have to be able to customize products and services based on customer tendencies. Come on, make your business more practical and digital by using on Cashlez, the One Solution for all your business transactions!


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