Do you feel stressed out or overwhelmed living your life? It is probably because you’re stuck in your own comfort zone. You may find it is easy to accomplish what you’re used to doing. However, when you are willing to make progress, you should get out from whatever that holds you back. In fact, everyone was born with a gift that can’t be compared to each other. So developing your skills and abilities will help you to grow your own idea about who you should be. William Anderson, the Financial Partnership of Cashlez shares some effective ways you can try to embrace the changes in your life.


William who has joined Cashlez for the past 1 year believes that there is something more important than passion you need to apply in your career: it is the willingness to be a lifelong learner. Before joining Cashlez Team, William was a Relationship Manager in a general assurance company. But in this Fintech Payment Gateway Company, his duties are totally different to the former career. As the Financial Partnership Manager, he is responsible for coordinating with Cashlez’ Partners to bring new developments to the payment features. According to William, choosing this option may seem though, but if one is afraid to take some risks, he/she will never open the doors to change, progress, growth, and understand his/her true self.


While a comfort zone may be satisfying for your current life, it also impedes your opportunities to create anything meaningful. This will lead you to become lost and feel neglected. In contrast, being an individual who constantly learns, grows, and connects to the universe helps you to have a more fulfilling life. Starting a first time career in a startup company, William admits that the working culture tends to be more dynamic, but this encourages the team members to adapt and learn quickly in every situation. “I would say that to perform greatly, one should be open minded to learn anything, from A to Z,” said William.


Having many things to learn doesn’t mean you have to cramp all day along, especially when you are surrounded by like-minded team members that not only give you some insightful lessons, but also open to discuss anything to improve. Besides being thankful for having the cooperative internal team in Financial Partnership division, William also enjoy working with the other divisions, namely Finance, IT, Product, Operation, Marketing, Legal , Data, and also Sales Team. Without them, the projects will not being done fully satisfied.


For William, there is also one other essential thing that will support our mind and body: it is getting indulge in our leisure time. The man who loves reading and watching mysteries believes that our professional life and our private life are related to each other. When someone doesn’t take care of one of them, it will affect both his/her professional and personal life. We all may have our daily tasks, but we have to make sure that everything is finished effectively so that we can move forward and avoid having a dull routine.


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