We are now in the digital era in which the trade opportunities is becoming increasingly unlimited. Therefore, businessmen have great opportunities to expand their businesses. However, the competition has also increased. Well, if you are a businessman, then you need these 7 following strategies so that your business can continue to survive in the midst of the times.

1. Make use of technological developments
One of the main features of the digital age is the rapid development of technology. So, you need to utilize technology in your business strategy, especially when your competitors have already used that. There are various types of technology that will help you like technology for payment process. If you use the Cashlez App and Cashlez Reader, you can accept all payment methods for customers who want to transact with cards, both debit and credit cards.

2. Create product branding
Even though the business that you are currently running is included in a small scale business, you have get an effective branding. This methods helps your product to be more easily recognized by the public. So, they will not be confused with products offered by other businesses. First of all, you must first create your product name. Then, then you can make the brand logo design.

3. Not innovating = not developing
In addition to brands, another thing you need to do to compete in business is to innovate, including innovation in service quality. Nowadays, consumers tend to use digital payments, so you also need to prepare payments like the Cashlez App. This tool can accept various types of digital payments, ranging from QR codes, to remote payments, via Cashlez Link.

4. Who are your customer targets?
You as a business owner must be able to catch your own opportunities. This helps you decide, who exactly your consumer targets are. It is important so that you can provide an appropriate and effective offer. Meanwhile, to collect customer data, you can get through the e-receipt feature on the Cashlez App which will be sent via email or SMS.

5. Don’t ignore customer feedback
"The customer is king." That’s the principle that is still relevant among business owners. Without customers, you couldn’t make any selling. Suggestions and opinions from customers is needed so that you can improve the quality of your business.

6. Switch to the cashier application feature
If there is an easy one, why should you  choose the difficult one? This era gives us many opportunities to simplify our business matters. You can download the Cashlez App for free through your own smartphone. After that, you can register and use the free cashier feature, while has simple mode and cashier mode. Simple mode is used to enter transaction nominal and item description, while cashier mode is used to enter goods based on their categories.

7. Always monitor the development of your business
In running a business, sometimes you have to change or even implement a new strategy. But before making a change, you first need to know what business conditions are like in your business. If you become a Cashlez Merchant, you can directly access the sales report feature on the Cashlez Portal. That way, you will pay attention, which products are best-selling and what types of products customers often look for.

Various technological developments, especially information technology, have had many positive effects to us. So, don’t let your business going down because of not using it!
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