As human beings, we might have different roles, but all of us are connected. What you do, will influence your surroundings, and vice versa. In addition, when the bond between you and others is formed, it enables you to be recognized and valued. The better energy you give to the world, the greater output you will get.


To spread positivity, you have to show kindness in every aspect of your life. Annisa Ika Fikiani, one of our Cashlezians, told three essential points you should implement. These include not only work life, but also your personal life.

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The Power of Synergize with Your Teammates


Joining Cashlez in September 2019, the woman who is usually called Nisa is responsible for liaising with the Business Development and Operations & Risk Teams. When the Business Development team submits the merchant registration forms, Nisa and her team will proceed them to the Risk Team. Then they will coordinate with the Operations team who gives updates about the verification process.


Of course, working with other departments can sometimes be challenging, for example when you’re required to complete the process earlier than usual. To avoid any misunderstanding, Nisa doesn’t only prioritize the communication between other departments but also makes sure that the registration process follows the Standard Operating Procedure.

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Always Beware of Hustle Culture: It Can Be Toxic!


As you can bring impact and receive what you give to others, productivity becomes one of your main focuses. In the fast-paced working environment, you will be more likely to get the opportunity to excel and gain a positive reputation sooner. However, you should always remember to maintain your work-life balance.


Working hard doesn’t mean that you don’t have time to take breaks and relax. This is because those who work long hours and multitask may decrease their creativity and productivity. In addition, this bad habit can create a toxic environment that harms your wellbeing. In Nisa’s view, having fun during break time helps us to work smarter, but we also must note that we should show respect when we tell jokes.


Turning Your Hobbies into Inspirations


The last point Nisa told about spreading kindness is inspiring others with your hobbies. Regardless of what activities you love to do, you have the potential to make them more beneficial. Nisa herself enjoys writing fictional stories and had submitted her writing to competitions. Besides increasing her productivity during leisure time, writing also opens her new space to express her thoughts.


In addition, the hobbies which you are proficient in can be taught to those who are willing to learn new skills. So, instead of just showing off what your competencies are, you offer the society the chance to improve themselves. What you’re going to do might seem simple as you will teach your abilities, but for them, this can open new possibilities they have never experienced before.


Because you always get what you give, you have to try your best in every condition. It’s natural to feel disappointed or down in some situations, but never let yourself be stuck on it. Never stop growing kindness and bringing happiness to others!


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