Internship refers to the short term work experience usually taken by college students or fresh graduates to take roles in companies or other organizations. There are various periods of internship programs, such as 3 months or 6 months. Besides working at a company or an organization, an intern usually creates a report regarding the internship he/she took.


At Cashlez, there are also two students who are currently doing the internship program. They are Muhammad Rafie Pradana (Rafie) and Salsabila Safrida (Salsa). Rafie is an Accounting student from Universitas Indonesia, while Salsa is a Management student from Bina Nusantara University.


Rafie is an internal audit intern who is responsible for collecting and reviewing SOP from each department. He also fulfilles the documents for ISO at Cashlez. Meanwhile, Salsa as the intern from the Business Development Department focuses on introducing Cashlez online payment feature, namely Cashlez Link to merchants who have online shops.


Even though both Rafie and Salsa have their own job descriptions, being interns at Cashlez gives them more than just working experience, but also the skills and opportunities they can explore. Besides, they also shared how their past organizational experience matters to these current internships.


As Cashlezian in the Internal Audit Department, Rafie told us that auditors should be independent so that they can bring more findings. But, they also should be easygoing and able to express their opinion to others. According to Rafie, his past organizational experience helps him a lot to implement his soft skills in the working environment. Rafie who also joined some economic competitions also emphasized that the competitions brought him many insights to advance his competencies.


Similar to Rafie, Salsa who focuses on online merchant acquisition has various new things to learn at Cashlez. For example, she found out that every merchant has her/his own preferences so that as the Business Development Team, she needs to adjust the timing to contact the merchants. Salsa also realizes that having a volunteering or organizational experience matters as it will make us more familiar with working circumstances.


Internships can have different meaning to everyone, but one thing we have to know is, that internship is more than just a full time working, but also how we learn to take responsibilities and how we can implement our knowledge and experiences.

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