Since our childhood, we have been used to thinking about our dream. Our parents, relatives, and teacher often asked us, what we wanted to do when we had grown up. This habit then continues as we enter college and work life. Having ambitions, plans, and desires is a normal thing in the society because we are all making our way through this ever-changing world.


While determining our goals is necessary, we also should focus on how to reach them. Each of us may have different views on this, depending on our previous experiences, values, and beliefs. For the Sales Support and Telesales of Cashlez, Risa Tania, it is essential to hone perseverance and empathy skills without expecting anything in return. 


Basically, being a persevering person doesn’t mean that we should do many great things. This instead should be started with simple matter, like getting our golden time. Risa, who was previously a TSO in a  pharmaceutical supplier company emphasized how beneficial being a morning person is.


“I am used to waking up and arriving at the office earlier. This small habit brings many benefits, such as being able to avoid the traffic congestion in Jakarta and getting my daily tasks done before the expected time. Moreover, waking up in the morning also allows us to take a deep inhale of fresh air, which is good for our mind and body.”


In professional life, we can get more opportunities to become more determined and mindful. Even if each of us has our own role in the office, we have to be flexible. When for example we have to assist our coworker because he/she has not been familiar with the task/project. This situation might be emotionally challenging as we have to spend more time. But if we think the bigger picture, we will realize that helping others actually means helping ourselves, too.


It is also essential to have trust, both on your colleagues and on everything you do. Keep in mind that, just because someone has weakness in one side, doesn’t mean that they are incapable. In contrast, they can reach their potential if we keep supporting each other. The same goes to ourselves who will surely need feedback from our surroundings in order to grow.


Besides being empathetic with our team, we should also show empathy to our customers. Risa, who usually communicates directly to our merchants, gains more understanding on how to handle various types of merchants. She is then able to be helpful by providing an effective solution for them.


Surprisingly, making contributions without hoping anything in return makes us more grateful. We can enjoy many precious things in life, such as building a strong friendship where we can be open up and get encouragement or getting endless love from our parents. Life can be though, but it always brings us blessings when we give our best.


Even something big starts from something small. Never underestimate every tangible step we create in this journey. Although we haven’t reached the top yet, we are on our way!

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