Keeping an open mind might be tough for everyone, but it leads us to the way to get new knowledge, adventure, and also relationships. There are a lot of possibilities you can try, but firstly you have to find your own motivation. Make sure that you are committed to it and willing to take action in order to make it happen.

Having a special interest in financial technology field, Carrine Luciana decided to join Cashlez one year ago. Her daily tasks include apps displays sketching, product testing, design prototyping, and many more. To her colleagues, Carrine is a very dedicated person, a good team player, and a friend you can trust.

Whilst to this only woman in IT Department, being in a male-dominated workplace is a challenge as women’s perspectives are often different to men’s perspectives. However, these differences shouldn’t cause conflicts, but rather something that should be embraced as a diversity. “Sharing thoughts with the other IT Team allows me to discover fresh ideas which had never been tought before, said Carrine.”

“As Cashlez’ UI/UX Designer, the products I created should be not only good visually but also easy to use and solve problems that occur in the community.” To accomplish her daily tasks, Carrine tends to be flexible. She works both in groups and independently. In some situations, she needs peace and quiet to concentrate much better. Meanwhile, in some projects she handles, teamwork still matters as she can brainstorm collectively and gain insights from the others.

We as human beings always face multiple form of differences such as gender and race. Carrine believes that our differences should be considered positively.

“We should stay humble and listen to the others. We won’t improve ourselves if we don’t open our mind with new ideas and perspectives.”

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