Based on data reported by, there are around 60% of MSMEs in Indonesia that have experienced business problems since the emergence of the Covid-19 outbreak. Based on a statement from the Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, namely Teten Masduki, this problem is caused by the implementation of physical distancing and Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB). To keep going, SMEs are advised to change their sales system from conventional to online.

It seems that a shift in the way of selling that maximizes the online system has also been carried out by one of the Cashlez Merchants in Central Java, namely Bittersweet By Najla Jogja. Despite facing various challenges amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the sales figures for Bittersweet By Najla Jogja products have actually increased! So, what strategy did this Cashlez Merchant take to keep growing? Come on, see the explanation from Mr. Bukhari Muslim as the owner of Bittersweet By Najla Jogja.

Stay humble and committed to the business you have
Mr. Bukhari’s interest in the world of entrepreneurship was evident when he was still in college. At that time, Mr. Bukhari started trying to sell various products. Then, he also learned a lot from his wife because she has many relatives who are entrepreneurs. Through this learning process, he then opened Bittersweet By Najla Jogja in November 2018.

When it was first opened, the dessert box was not yet a hit product in Yogyakarta. However, this did not hinder Mr. Bukhari’s determination to open a premium dessert box that provides 15 kinds of premium dessert boxes that are perfect for relaxing together, for example when at home. Apparently, this product got a good response from customers. In fact, one of its products, the Turkish dessert box, has become a best seller. Besides providing premium dessert boxes, he also provides 5 coffee flavors for customers. For Mr. Bukhari, it is very important for a business actor to ensure the quality and taste of the product before they offer it to customers.

The importance of adjusting the way you communicate with customers
During approximately 2.5 years of running the business, Mr. Bukhari realized that the way to interact with customers is simple, but has a big impact on business success. Therefore, business actors need to adjust to customers.

For example, at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, which required us to carry out physical distancing, Mr. Bukhari was increasingly optimizing online communication. According to him, how to interact online is more challenging than how to interact directly. Business actors must communicate effectively and clearly so that customers can easily get the information they need.

Fulfill what your customers and business need
To develop a business in the midst of a pandemic, business actors need to adjust health protocols. One of them is through educating customers to use non-cash payment options so that they can minimize direct contact and the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus. But apart from that, business actors also need to provide solutions that make it easier for them to manage their business effectively.

In order to fulfill his customers’ and business needs, Mr. Bukhari entrusted Cashlez, which he said was very user friendly. When he found out about Cashlez from Instagram, he was looking for more information about Cashlez products and services, one of which was access to the sales report dashboard which made it easier for him to analyze the most sold products and evaluate for further sales. For customers, Cashlez is also an convenience because it provides various features, ranging from credit / debit card payment features, digital payments, online card payments, to virtual accounts.

For Mr. Bukhari, the various challenges faced in doing business are not reasons to give up. Business actors must continue to struggle and be ready to face various things. Moreover, basically, every business starts from scratch. So, you need to appreciate every step you have taken and continue to do what’s best for yourself and the people around you. Never get tired of presenting innovations according to customer needs. Provide the best products made from quality ingredients.

Everyone can try the same business opportunity, but not everyone can offer the best product for customers. And most importantly, every business actor also needs to pay attention to how to behave to customers. Because before buying your product, customers will certainly notice how you serve them.


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