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A recruiter is a role who is responsible for finding qualified talents in a hiring process. This talent acquisition is aimed to meet the demands for both the employer and the employee. However, it should be noted that this role doesn’t only help people to find the suitable jobs, but also other things such as conducting salary negotiation, giving advice related to employment, and sharing industry knowledge.


Gerald Lasut, our Recruitment and People Development also has a similar typical day of recruiter. When there is a vacancy request, this tall guy will be in charge of the recruitment process. After the criteria has been made, the available vacancy will be posted on various channels. Then, he and the team will shortlist the resumes and conduct the interview. The selected candidate who accepts the offering letter will be assisted in the employee onboarding process.


Besides the typical day of a recruiter, Gerald emphasized that there are some other things people rarely know about this HR Department role. For example, as a person who will interview the candidates, Gerald is not only able to meet new people, but also learn their characteristics and how they think of the organization. Those who are responsible for getting new talents in their organizations will also be able to recognize the differences between one position and another. 


Of course, there will be no adventure without challenges. Searching for the right talent is not as simple as it seems in the procedure. You have to consider it based on various aspects such as criteria and how they respond to the interview questions. Moreover, the responsibility isn’t over until a new employee has been recruited because the HR Department should nurture the human resources as well.


“You have to be persistent as unexpected things can happen at any time, especially in this Department which facilitates the whole team so that everyone can make an impact,” said Gerald. In addition, Gerald who is responsible for building skills in the workforce currently also prepares the training programmes for all Cashlezians. Therefore, it is important to keep learning and adapt in the changes, just like Gerald’s message:

"Dreams will be defeated by reality, reality will be defeated by hard work and there is no hard work without dreams." 


For those who are going to be interviewed, Gerald has some ultimate tips. First, you have to make sure that your resume is concise and has detailed information about your experience, achievements, and skills because that will be the first impression. Second, input your photo on your resume, while the third is doing research about the organization. Lastly, make sure to be yourself during the interview, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not at.


Based on Gerald’s story, we can see how important the role of recruitment and people development in increasing the organizational value is. This should be done by motivating employees as the biggest asset by providing training, supporting a healthy lifestyle, and many more. By doing this the company will also have a culture which encourages growth and open-mindedness.


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