Being eager to open a toy store is an achievement that should be appreciated. However, after you have successfully opened the shop, you also need to run it properly. So, don’t let you miss the following 3 things!
1. Take advantage of opportunities outside operational hours
You do have a toy shop that you can visit anytime during operational hours. But besides that, you can also take advantage of the opportunity at special moments. For example when you just open a shop, try to do a grand opening so that people around you can get to know your place of business. So that they are interested, do not forget to give a special promo on the first day of your store open. In addition to the grand opening, you can also participate in children’s bazaars and certain events related to children.
2. Discounts and gifts for customers
Did you know that promotion is also a form of business appreciation for customers? Therefore, it never hurts to provide promotions in the form of discounts and gifts for your customers, for example if they make a purchase with a certain nominal. In addition, you can also apply a point award system for every purchase. If the points are already many, customers can exchange them for attractive gifts or vouchers that you provide. Remember, promotions that you do must vary so that you can determine which types of promotions are effective and which are not.
3. Shops must be professionally managed
The store that you own must be managed properly, so make sure you or your staff clean it regularly. If the store is dirty, of course you will make customers feel uncomfortable. Who would want to shop in a place with a lot of dust? Then, the important thing that you also need to consider is toy care. You and your staff need to be careful when cleaning dust on toys. Do not let, the toy is actually damaged because it was cleaned incorrectly.
Through good store management, you can run a children’s toy business effectively. Of the three points above, which ones have you already run?


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