Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Of course, the period leading up to Valentine’s Day is a big opportunity for business owners. You see, many people are looking for gifts to give as a symbol of affection. Moreover, Valentine’s Day can not only be celebrated by couples, but also by friends and family.

When Valentine’s Day arrives, there will usually be various types of gifts for customers to choose from. Of course, the type of gift will also be adjusted based on who receives it. So, what types of businesses get the most requests from customers looking for Valentine’s gifts? Find the answer through the following explanation.

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What kind of products are usually often used as Valentine’s gifts?


In general, there are several reasons why the demand for a product can increase on Valentine’s Day, namely:


1. Associated with hobbies


Not infrequently, customers feel confused about what types of items need to be given on Valentine’s Day. Hence, they consider it based on the hobby of the recipient of the gift. These hobbies can vary, from sports, music, to a collection of unique items.


2. According to personal needs


As an expression of affection for the people who are important in his life, customers can of course buy gifts that are personal. So, the gift will be adjusted based on the needs of the person receiving it. To add a personal impression, customers usually also use photos or text containing greetings.

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3. Associated with affection


Of course, products related to expressions of affection are also popular around Valentine’s Day. Usually, these products are also presented with a Valentine’s theme, for example, by using designs in the shape of hearts and flowers. In addition, the color of the product packaging is also red or pink.

The Most Popular products


1. Open the flower


From the past until now, flowers have become one of the most romantic Valentine’s gifts. Not surprisingly, the demand for flowers at this one moment also increases. There are several types of flowers that are usually ordered, ranging from roses, lilies, tulips, and sunflowers.


2. Chocolate


Who doesn’t like this sweet food? In a way, chocolate has become one of the typical gifts on Valentine’s Day. So, it’s no wonder that chocolate is also one of the most popular types of Valentine’s gifts.


3. Valentine’s Day Themed Gift Cards


Apart from chocolates and flower bouquets, gift cards with the theme of Valentine’s Day are also often sought after by customers. That’s why you can present product bundling, for example chocolate with a gift card to attract customers. In order to improve the customer shopping experience, use the non-cash payment option on the Cashlez App!


4. Clothes


Clothing is the choice of gifts that customers buy to express affection for relatives or close friends. This choice is indeed not a choice of gifts in accordance with Valentine’s traditions. However, the clothes given can of course be used for a long period of time, not just for Valentine’s moments.


5. Plants in the house


In addition to flower shop business owners, plant business owners can also reap a lot of profits on Valentine’s Day. You see, they can offer their plants as gifts, especially plants that can be placed in the house.


Valentine’s Day is not just a holiday for customers, but also an opportunity to show you care for those closest to you. Use the opportunity on Valentine’s Day to provide products and services that customers need. Use the Cashlez Application which provides payment gateway services for online and offline transactions.

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