Do you know that 63% of bachelors in Indonesia has different careers compared to their college majors?[1]

Someone who took Engineering becomes an analyst in a bank or the other who graduated from Law Faculty ends up running his own business. So, does this phenomenon mean a failure as one is unable to follow his/her path? If you belong to this category, please don’t be upset because it doesn’t measure your success.


When talking about career, we of course should relate it to one’s choices and considerations. The Relationship Portfolio Officer of Cashlez, Febryola Kezzia Simanjuntak has some insights about her after college life. Ola - a nickname of this Generation Z, actually took the Food Technology program in Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU). But after graduating, she decided to go to Jakarta and started a career in a bank. Although her first job did not have any similarities to what she had learnt in college, she found it interesting to contribute in the banking industry.


The previous job enabled her to meet different types of customers that made her learn how to be a great representative of a bank. It also has broadened her connection. After 2 years working in a bank, she wanted to experience new challenges. Therefore since 25 March 2019, she moved to Cashlez, a payment gateway fintech company as Relationship Portfolio Officer. “I love what I am doing in this workplace. It doesn’t only give me opportunities to build relationships between the merchants and the company, but also the supportive family whom I can trust. We have different positions, but it doesn’t restrict our relationships.”


After all, every achievement allows us to create our success. We might no longer be students, but we are still learners. A job we have is a chance for us to enrich our knowledge, experience, and contribution to society. And for Ola, this is the greatest present that you can give to your family.

[1] Kenapa 63% Sarjana di Indonesia Bekerja Tidak Sesuai dengan Jurusannya?

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