Everyone certainly has the choice to do what they want to pursue. There are millennials who migrate from their hometowns to earn a living. However, there are also those who want to remain in their hometown to support the rural economy. So, what business opportunities does that have the potential to advance the rural area? Here are the answer!


  1. Selling creative products via online

Creative products produced by MSMEs become one of the potential that can improve the country’s economy while competing in the free market. You can use this as an opportunity to sell these products through an online platform . Some examples such as batik, bags, knitted products, and shoes.


  1. Promote rural tourism

The tourism sector is one of the business opportunities in rural areas that you can run. To start this business, you can coordinate with certain parties, for example, such as government, rural organizations, and tourism agencies. But keep in mind, in the New Normal Era, you also need to pay attention to health protocols.


  1. Organic agricultural products

Rural land can be a supportive business potential, so you can provide agricultural products for agribusinesses . As we know, the sellers of modern agricultural products are already very numerous, so you can try to offer organic agricultural products that are still rarely known.


  1. A grocery store that sells local products

Grocery stores have become a common type of business, both in urban and rural areas. Well, to attract customers, you can use the concept of a grocery store that supports local products. Examples such as rice, vegetables, onions, and fruits.


  1. Free range chickens, goats or cows

If your residence is still beautiful, cool, and quiet, it means that you can use the environment as a farm land. When you just start running a livestock business, you can start from your own home. After developing, you can start preparing special land.


  1. Provide skills training to the younger generation

In addition to providing local products, you can also provide training services for young people. This will also help them to hone their skills to the full. Some of the skills you can offer are training in writing, managing an online store, and operating basic computer software.


  1. Bridal make up services

The development of information technology makes the tendency of rural communities affected by the tendencies of urban society. One such tendency is the concept of marriage. Therefore, you can start offering bridal makeup services. Provide some sample makeup results so your customers can determine the type of makeup they prefer.


  1. Provides retail gasoline

If the area where you live is far from the gas station, you can start offering retail gasoline. You can also open a mini gas station franchise . This franchise generally consists of booths, fuel capacity drums, hoses, electricity, and measuring devices.


  1. Open the phone credit counter

As we know, almost everyone now has their own mobile phone. Therefore, selling phone credit and internet data packages can be one of the promising opportunities. To open a credit counter, you need to set up a glass display case, credit deposit, and several smartphones as an option for customers who are looking for a gadget.


In running a business, you need to be active and disciplined. Don’t forget to use Cashlez which provides access to sales reports so you can monitor transactions anytime and anywhere.

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