Home-based businesses such as stalls, tailor services, and laundry are generally often run by housewives to earn extra income. However, even though it is a micro business, home-based businesses can also be the main source of income, especially if you can make a lot of sales. Nowadays, there are also more home-based businesses because the business actors can get the following 4 benefits.

1. Save costs
When running a home business, you no longer need to provide fees to rent a place or buy property. You only need to use the empty space, from the terrace, the kitchen, to the front yard of the house. That way, you will also save your transportation costs. So, you only need to prepare additional operational costs, such as electricity and water costs.

2. More independent
Even though your business is small, you still have a big influence in it. Therefore, there are many things that are your responsibility, ranging from managing stock of goods, dealing with buyers, to finding suppliers. These things will make you able to broaden your horizons and become more independent.

3. More flexible routines
Traveling from home to business is not only costly, but also time consuming. By running a home business, you can save time. Routines also become more flexible because you can adjust yourself what activities you will do in one day.

4. Have more free time
Because your place of business and residence are the same, you will find it easier to spend time with family. There is additional free time that you can use for various things, such as dropping off and picking up children, cooking, and cleaning the house.

5. Easy transactions
Who says a home business is identical to a manual system? You can actually get a free cashier system from the Cashlez application which can be downloaded via the App Store and Play Store. By becoming a Cashlez Merchant, your customers can choose various payment methods, ranging from using a debit / credit card to payment through LinkAja, OVO, GoPay, and Kredivo.

Deciding to open a home-based business is the right thing if you want to start a business with minimal capital. If taken seriously, the results would be satisfying!

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