Self service is an alternative to improve the quality of your business services as a businessman today. By using this service system, you no longer need to face difficulties, for example when there are customers who buy a lot of products, so other customers have to queue longer. Not only that, customers who order their own products that they need can certainly be more familiar with your business.
Besides helping in the purchasing process, the self service system can also be used for other business purposes, you know! Examples such as self service that is applied to handle questions and feedback from customers. So, instead of having to wait for the store’s response, your customers can immediately find out for themselves the solution to what they experienced. In a way, this self service customer service feature is very important if you want to provide a complete and practical help system.
Although up to now the self service system is still not widely used, basically every business segment that grows in the current era definitely needs it. Just imagine, in an age that demands everything to be fast paced, how could you still make your customers waste their time? Being a responsive business actor is certainly your duty, but remember, you are not a machine or a robot. If the feedback comes during break time, then you should provide access that allows customers to find their own solutions, both in the form of tutorials and FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions).
As a business actor, you can also manage your business effectively thanks to self service in customer service. The staff you hire can do other things because they no longer handle similar feedback. Customers who for example you need to help directly will now get service faster. So, simple things don’t need to be dealt with directly and you can focus on more complex things.
Self service for customers is an easy system to implement to improve the quality of your service. If you have not implemented this system, you can start by preparing a FAQ on your social media or business website.

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