For business owners, the moment during the fasting month is a great opportunity to increase sales. Moreover, during this month, there are many requests from customers, for example, such as ordering food and drinks for iftar events. Meanwhile, for Muslim clothing business owners, this moment can also be used to offer a wide selection of Muslim clothing and religious equipment.


Of course, behind the huge business potential during the month of Ramadan, business people also need to understand how to optimize their business. Moreover, business optimization can not only be done on product aspects, but also service aspects, such as fintech payment gateway services. For more details, find out how in the following review!


1. Ask customers to post on social media


To increase the excitement of the fasting month, ask customers who have made transactions to share their exciting moments on social media. Make sure they tag you in their posts so you can repost them. Through this activity, you can improve your business reputation, both online and offline. Apart from that, this method will also help you to promote the products and services that you provide. To make this activity more interesting, try offering gifts, such as free vouchers or the latest products.

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2. Offer special products


Your customers tend to look for something new when entering the Month of Ramadan. Therefore, you also need to make adjustments, for example, such as offering special products that are only presented during the fasting month. For example, if you have a food and beverage business, you can provide takjil menus. The creativity that you present in these special products will increase customer interest in shopping.


3. Promote products earlier and more intensely


To increase the interest of potential customers during the fasting month, you can apply promos. There are various types of promos that you can offer, ranging from buy one get one, discounts, or cashback. So that this promo can be notified effectively, try to notify it early, either through promotional materials in stores or social media. In addition, make notifications about promotions more intense, for example, once per day.


4. Extend store operating hours


During the fasting month, you can adjust the shop opening hours. You see, many people are active until the evening and they just visit your shop after they break their fast. Through adjusting shop opening hours, you can also get optimal income.

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5. Adding product stock


As we know, demand during Ramadan can increase. Therefore, you can also increase the product stock provided. Coordinate with suppliers who will arrange the delivery of raw materials or goods. This will prevent miscommunication and ensure that customers can get the product they ordered.


6. Decorate the shop based on the Ramadan theme


During the Month of Ramadan, you can decorate your shop based on the Ramadan theme. This decoration will create a fasting month atmosphere and make visitors feel at home. If you want to use Ramadan special knick-knacks, it’s a good idea to buy equipment that can be used many times. You see, you can install this decoration every moment of the fasting month.


The month of Ramadan is a special moment that provides many opportunities for businesses to expand their business. In order for business management to run optimally, you also need to use the right method. So, is there a way that you apply?

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