Are you opening a co-working space? If so, don’t forget to learn everything related to this business, starting from the planning stage to the manufacturing stage. This is very useful so you can avoid the following mistakes that are often made by co-working space business people.

  1. Location and co-working space rental system
    Non-strategic location is very influential in the continuity of your spaceship’s co-working business. The more difficult the location of a co-working space, the lower the interest of your prospective customers to rent a place there. Therefore, you need to consider carefully where you should open a co-working space. In addition to location, you also need to consider the rental system wisely. Compared to providing a rental system that is high enough so that you lose a lot of customers, you better put a rental price low enough so that the customers stay afloat.
  2. Not utilizing technology effectively
    Providing adequate internet facilities is very important, because the co-working tenants are professionals who need internet support to remain productive. In addition to providing an internet connection, also provide other important things that support the work, such as printers and stationery. So that the working atmosphere in the co-working space remains comfortable, make sure air conditioning is also available there. Meanwhile, to support the transaction process between you and the tenant, you can use Cashlez, which accepts non-cash payments, ranging from debit / credit cards to various types of digital payments.
  3. Low security level
    Without adequate quality security such as an information center, you can make tenants feel uncomfortable. Therefore, the first time a tenant uses your co-working space, you need to provide information about the security stKamurds that apply there. You also need to tell all staff who are in the co-working space. Apart from that, you also need to consider, what kind of incoming access applies, whether you will hire staff responsible for entry and exit access or you prefer to use a pin so that the door on your co-working spacer will always be automatically locked.

By considering the location, utilization of technology, and security systems, you can avoid mistakes when running a business co-working space. Make your spaceship co-working a convenient and safe place for tenants!
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