In order to grow their business, business actors not only need to attract the attention of potential customers, but also make customers return to shopping. Of course, building good relationships with customers is not instant. Plus, you also have to prepare yourself to face competitors whose offers are no less attractive.


To keep customers loyal, of course you need to build trust, for example through assistance services for customers who want to ask questions or provide input. In addition, you must also show your appreciation for their trust through a customer loyalty program. For business owners, this program has an important influence. Find out why in the following review!


1. Reduce operational costs


Compared to the costs needed to get potential customers, the costs you use to keep customers loyal tend to be more affordable. You see, to reach new customers, you will need various costs, such as promotional costs, budget to participate in events, to the cost of collaboration with influencers. Meanwhile, when you implement a loyalty program, you can focus on one strategy, such as point redemption to get customers back to shopping.

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2. Improve brand reputation


The customer loyalty program is designed to provide customers with attractive offers and prizes. However, you as a business actor can also get benefits, one of which is to increase your brand reputation. To implement this strategy, you can hold programs that are expected by customers, for example, such as special member discounts. This program is a way for you to show gratitude to customers. They will also be more comfortable shopping at your store.


3. Facing competition effectively


When you implement a loyalty program, participating customers will benefit because they can shop more efficiently. Therefore, compared to other brands, they choose to shop at your place of business which offers various benefits for them. Not surprisingly, business owners who want to hold a loyalty program are also advised to show that the program can reduce customer spending.


4. Build good relationship with customers


Business actors should maintain good relations with customers. You see, this good relationship will have an impact, both directly and in the long term. When you can connect with customers, customers can keep up with what products and services they can get. In addition, they can also get special offers which of course will make them more satisfied with their shopping.

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5. Help you get new customers


Who says word of mouth can only be done through the testimonials you display? This promotion can also be applied if you hold a customer loyalty program. Customers who are satisfied with your business loyalty program can of course share their experiences with those closest to them. So, you can get new customers who want to shop because you get recommendations from other people.


6. Understand customer trends


For business owners, loyalty programs are very useful to find out customer tendencies. You see, the program allows business owners to find out what interests their customers and what the trends are like. For example, their customers often use cashless payment methods when transacting. Through this evaluation, business owners can use the Cashlez App, a payment gateway service that provides various non-cash payment options.


Each type of customer loyalty program does have a different mechanism and purpose. However, this program strategy basically aims to increase customer satisfaction while making your business more recognized.

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