Reporting from, fashion trends in the 80s and 90s have recently started to become popular again. As a result, this trend presents a new business opportunity, namely the thrift business. In addition to the fashion trends of the past, thrift goods have also become a lot of targets for customers who want to get high-quality products at affordable prices.


Then, what is meant by business thrift?

Thrift business is a business opportunity that offers goods that have been used before. These items are usually taken from your personal collection as the owner. Meanwhile, thrifting can be done on various occasions, such as charity events held by non-profit organizations or garage sales held for a limited period of time. In addition, these thrift business people can also leave their merchandise in a shop, then share the profits they get with the shop owner.


What items can you sell at a thrift shop?

To run a thrift business, basically there are no specific standards regarding the type of product you will sell. The important thing is that the product is not new, but it deserves to be reused. Here are some examples of products that you can offer.


1. Clothes

For fashion lovers, thrifting can indeed be one of the right options to add to your collection of branded clothes without bonus. Moreover, there are many categories of clothing to choose from, ranging from material pants, vests, jackets, pants, to shirts. The more popular the brand, of course, the higher the offer that can be given.


2. Watches

Like clothes, branded accessories in the form of watches can also be a business opportunity for thrift. Therefore, those of you who have a collection of various watches can start considering it, especially if your collection is too large. Both imported and local brands, both attract potential buyers!


3. Display/Decoration

Have you ever seen the antiques on offer at a garage sale? Well, actually purchasing these items can also be categorized as thrifting. Even though it looks unpopular, there are quite a lot of fans of decorations and displays in this house!


4. Books

Have too many books that have piled up at home? Maybe, it’s time for you to get back to cleaning the house while making a profit. Offer these books to potential customers at attractive prices. Even though they have been used before, thrifted books are still highly sought after.


How do you maximize your thrift shop?

Well, behind the huge thrift business opportunity, of course you also need to understand, what are the things that need to be done to start this business. You see, the right strategy can make your merchandise sell quickly. Let’s see the following review!


1. Determine your plan first

First of all, determine first, what do you want to sell? Whether you want to focus on clothes, antiques, or vintage-style furniture, you have to keep in mind, who is your customer category? Do not forget to also determine the appropriate price. To do this step, try doing some research on other thrift shops.


2. Prepare contacts and social media accounts so that customers can easily contact you

At this time, it has become a must for business actors to exist on online platforms. This will make it easier for potential customers to check the product and contact you. So, your thrift business opportunity is not limited to customers around where you live.


3. Collect all products and promote to people

After preparing a business plan and contacts who can be contacted, now is the time for you to collect the items that you will sell. Make sure to double check its condition and sort items that are no longer fit for use. After that, start to promote your thrift shop.


Who says used goods have no selling value? If you want to try, the opportunity to make money from there is definitely open! Happy selling!

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