Are you business owners who still records sales reports manually? If the answer is yes, maybe you need to reconsider this one habit. Because at this time, businesses, both those operating on a micro scale or large scale, are starting to utilize an automated sales reporting system that makes it easy for businesses. Noting itself the number of goods and total income also has the following disadvantages.

1. Need more costs
When you decide to use a manual recording system for your business, you need to hire someone or instead rely on yourself. Though this method is quite risky, for example if there is a human error that causes you to have to re-examine the financial statements.

2. Access to sales report is limited
In order to effectively monitor your business, of course you need to know the most updated sales information. However, if financial records are carried out manually, then you cannot directly access them. Like it or not, you have to request the latest version of the sales report every time you need it.

3. Can not be constantly monitored
Easy or not access to sales reports will affect the supervision in your place of business. So if you only rely on one of your staff to hold sales updates, then you will have difficulty managing your business. This can be used by irresponsible people who intend to misuse your business funding.

4. You can lose the data
Who would have thought, using a traditional sales reporting system could also be risking the confidentiality of your business data. Because, there is a risk of loss or damage to data that can occur without you previously thought. However, this is not a problem if you are already a Cashlez Merchant who gets free access to see their sales data in real time.

As a businessman in the digital age, you can manage your business more efficiently. So, don’t complicate yourself by not using technological advances!
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