Being a businessman certainly makes you have to train yourself to be a tough individual. Because the competition in the business world is very tight, especially if your line of business is in a trend of business. Therefore, you also must have the will to always learn and create innovation so that you can get through the challenges. Conversely, when you feel unprepared with the conditions that you are currently facing, it means you have to frequently introspect yourself and learn from others. Actually, what is the right way to go through intense competition? The answer is simple, namely by being a productive businessman and applying creative ideas so that many people can be recognized. Come on, become a productive entrepreneur by practicing the following tips!

1. Make a priority list
It is only natural that a business actor has a solid routine and must do various things. Indeed, this feels like consuming your time and energy. So, in order for you to stay active and get things done properly, you need to make priorities. That is, you have to be smart to sort out the things you do, what you have to do right then and what is not urgent. This priority scale can make you more focused to get the job done.

2. Work efficiently and effectively
At the place of business, you are the leader who will organize and direct the staff. So, Kamy must be accustomed to taking part in finding solutions to problems that arise, both in terms of sales and in terms of internal. The most effective way to be a good problem solver is to prioritize effectiveness and efficiency. That is, the considerations that you make are based on important matters, for example based on the total cost and duration of manufacturing the product.

3. Not fixated with working hours
When you have decided to open a business, that means you have decided to commit to run it. Therefore, the business you have is more than just a job, so you cannot manage it based only on business hours. In fact, there are plenty of opportunities that you can try outside of your business hours. For example the opportunity to take part in exhibitions, and bazaars, as well as opportunities to find business partners so that your business can be expanded.

The productivity of a business actor greatly influences the achievement in his place of business. Remember, what is meant here is not working productivity without stopping, but can solve everything smartly and precisely.


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