The Holy Month of Ramadan is coming. At this special moment, Muslims will fast, starting from before the time of Fajr prayer until Maghrib. During the time of fasting, a person will refrain from eating or drinking. Meanwhile, there are also people who feel weak when fasting.

So, what if you are also one of the people who get tired easily when fasting? Of course, this condition will have a negative impact on your productivity as a business owner. In fact, you may be getting a lot of orders from customers. Actually, you don’t need to be worry. You see, you can overcome the feeling of weakness if you understand the right way. Let’s follow these tips!


1. Change the way you think


What you think will have a big impact on how you act. Therefore, start changing your habits from the way you think. If you always think that you can’t run your business optimally while fasting, then that’s what will appear. On the other hand, when you are optimistic, there will be many opportunities that you can try to keep your spirits up.


2. Define your routine


When fasting, of course you have to change your routine. If you usually have breakfast before going to your store, now you have to get up early for sahur. Therefore, you have to adjust your break time. Make a list of activities that you must do and also make sure to get enough rest.

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3. Eat nutritious food


When you feel stressed and tired, you can easily eat unhealthy foods. In fact, when our bodies lack nutrients, we will actually feel more stressed and make their performance even more suboptimal. So from now on, change these habits through the consumption of healthy foods.


4. Make sure your body is hydrated


One of the things that can cause you to feel tired easily is the lack of fluids in the body. Therefore, you alone need to ensure that your body stays hydrated. When you have not entered fasting time, you can consume about 250 ml of water every hour.


5. Meet protein needs


Before breaking the fast, you may often plan to eat your favorite foods. Well, in addition to eating your favorite foods, you also have to understand whether these foods have sufficient protein content or not. When you eat enough protein, you can also make your body more energetic.

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6. Do exercise regularly


Who says you can’t exercise while fasting? In fact, exercise is good to support your performance during activities at the store. So, when is the right time to exercise while fasting? You can do it in the morning after sahur or 1-2 hours before breaking the fast.


7. Practice patience


Having trouble running a business makes you feel depressed? Of course, it’s only natural that you feel disappointed about your failure or difficult situation. However, don’t let this continue to make you feel pessimistic so that in the end it will hinder your potential. On the contrary, try to find solutions, such as making the payment process fast, practical, and reliable through the Cashlez Payment Gateway.


Fasting is actually a form of worship that you can do. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that your activities will be hampered because you feel tired while fasting. In fact, there are various ways you can do to make sure you stay fit and can run your business to the fullest!

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