Bowling is an indoor game that can be played per individual. In addition, bowling can also be played in a team so that it becomes a double game. Therefore, this game is often done together with family members and close friends. Besides being able to train the cooperation among members of the team, bowling is also effective for reducing stress!

As a place to exercise at the same time play, bowling center can be one of the recommendations for those of you who are interested in running a business in the field of sports and entertainment. This has been proven by Siliwangi Bowling Center, one of the Cashlez Merchants that hits from the City of Bandung.

Rizky Mediantoro as the Executive Director of the bowling center which has been established since 2013 stated that Siliwangi Bowling Center can be one of the great recommendations for having quality time with our loved ones on weekends. Moreover, this Siliwangi Bowling Center also has a track that we can use to practice our abilities. According to Rizky, the provision of the track is also a form of support to improve the talents of bowling athletes so that they can compete, both at national and international levels.

Another reason you should also consider opening a bowling center business is the tendency of consumers after the Covid-19 pandemic. After months of independent quarantine, of course many people want to unwind and have fun with the people closest to them. So, how do you run an effective bowling center after a pandemic? Check out the following tips!

  1. Keep using the health protocol

Although the Corona pandemic has passed, we must anticipate the risk of spreading this virus. Therefore, you need to implement health protocols in your bowling center. Provide a sink and soap so visitors and staff can wash their hands regularly. In addition, also provide hand sanitizers in the corners of the bowling center . Before operating, make sure the entire arena of the game has been cleaned using disinfectant liquid.

  1. Create your business plan

You cannot achieve success in the bowling center business if you do not strive to develop. Therefore, prepare plans for what you can do to grow your business. For example, plans to expand the arena of the game or plans to increase the number of visitors.

  1. Use a variety of effective promotion strategies

So that your bowling center is in great demand, you certainly have to promote it in various ways that you think is effective. One of them is through creating testimonial content from visitors who have felt the excitement of playing at your bowling center. In addition, you can also invite potential customers to visit by offering discounts or giving extra time to play.

  1. Provide additional facilities

So that visitors can continue to enjoy the excitement at the bowling center , you can provide additional facilities. At Siliwangi Bowling Center for example, visitors can enjoy a variety of foods and drinks at the cafe. So, they don’t need to bother going out to look for food and drinks.

  1. Utilizing payment technology to facilitate payments

As a millennial generation, Rizky Mediantoro realizes that Siliwangi Bowling Center visitors also need practical, fast, and secure payments. Therefore, he uses Cashlez which provides various non-cash payment features, ranging from credit / debit cards, digital payments, online payments, and virtual accounts. Using this non-cash payment feature also helps you to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.


Make your bowling center a comfortable place for all visitors. Problem payment services, you can entrust Cashlez which provides real time transaction report feature.
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