One of the skills that businesses need to have is managing their time effectively. If you run your own business, then you must know, how to manage time. This is important to balance your daily life, between business and personal time. Because basically, you can lose the opportunity to develop yourself and the business you have if you can’t manage time properly.


How ways that can manage time effectively?

Based on the opinion of Stephen Covey who is the author of book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, time management is basically not only focused on how to spend time, but also how to use the time you have as best you can. Well , so that the business that you manage can run smoothly, follow these 5 tips for managing entrepreneur style time below!


  1. Group activities according to priority

According to Stephen Covey , whoever we are, whether we have a business or not, needs to divide our daily activities based on four interest groups. The four categories consist of important and urgent, important but not urgent, not important but urgent, and not important and not urgent. If you have recorded all the activities that you do based on these four categories, then you can more easily determine, then the affairs that require the most time, which affairs can be postponed, or also which affairs can be done in stages.


  1. Starting from simple things

If you are just starting to train yourself to manage time, of course you will feel the interruptions to delay work. Now , to make you feel motivated again, try to start from things that are simple so that it can be completed quickly. Once you can accomplish simple things, then you can also be motivated to do bigger things. For example, when you need to take care of business licensing, try to make a list of the documents needed. This will help you be motivated to take the next step, which is taking care of the documents to the related authorities.


  1. Make small targets

The many things you need to do when managing a business can certainly make you lose your spirit, even before you start doing it. As a solution, you can divide these matters into simple targets. Also make an estimate of the time you need to complete the matter until all of the affairs can be resolved. For example, you need to provide promotions for businesses over a period of several months. Therefore, you can start by planning a promo and posting it on your social media, website or store.


  1. Make sure the implementation of activities in accordance with the situation

In order to get your business done, of course you can make a schedule. However, there are times when we are faced with unexpected situations that make us unable to carry out plans according to schedule. Therefore, we must be flexible and adapt to the situation. This will make it easier for us to complete our targets and keep our business running smoothly. For example, when you are unable to come to the store, you can ask your trusted person to replace you serving the customer. Even so, you can still find out sales performance through the transaction reporting feature from Cashlez which can be accessed for free.


  1. Provide your own personal time

In order for you to have a balanced life, you need to divide your time between business and personal matters. So, after you finish work, try to fill your time by doing things that you like, such as exercising, playing games , or reading books. Remember, you must be able to determine when it’s time to spend personal time and when it’s time to go back to doing business.


Through these five ways to manage your time, you can run your daily life more productively, both in business and personal matters. Remember, the routines that you do can change. So, you just need to adjust it to the priorities that you have.


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