Traditional markets are one of the important elements in driving the economy in Indonesia. Bppp.kemendag.go.ri stated that in 2017, there were 13,450 traditional markets spread throughout Indonesia. Meanwhile, the number of market traders is estimated at 12.6 million, but this does not include the number of suppliers and market managers. Of course, we should not be complacent enough with the large number of traders, but we must also actively participate in supporting the progress of micro-businesses. Come on, see tips that can be done to develop a business in traditional markets!


1. Take references from case studies

It is not only students who are in school who need to learn. Business actors also need to learn the business tips they want to apply. Because basically, to achieve success, experiencing trial and error is normal thing. If for example, our strategy to work with suppliers that offer cheaper prices is not effective, then try to find other suppliers with better quality.


2. Be honest with anyone

The most important attitude a trader needs to have is honesty. Without this, it will be difficult for business actors to gain customer trust. Just imagine if, for example, there are business actors who give different prices from one customer to another. This will certainly make customers disappointed and decide to shop elsewhere.


3. Go digital so you don’t get left behind

Do traders in traditional markets not need online business solutions? Of course not. Because as we know, we already live in the digital era. Hence, traders, including those selling in traditional markets, also need business applications in order to be able to serve customers more optimally. Through the Cashlez App, micro-entrepreneurs can accept digital payments and QR-based payments without the need to make direct contact with customers.


4. Maintain good relationships with suppliers

Basically, getting a supplier that meets our expectations is not a simple matter. Of course, there are various considerations that we will think about, starting from product quality, supplier consistency, and the price offered. Therefore, when we get the right supplier, maintain good relations with that supplier. Because basically, the relationship between traders and suppliers is a reciprocal relationship that affects each other.


5. Provide insight to customers

Of course, someone who sells aims to make a profit. However, to be able to make the business grow, it is better if we are not only fixated on looking for profit, but also provide for the needs of our customers. Provide insights into the items they want to buy so they can determine whether the product really suits them or they just need another type of product.


6. Promotion as a part of appreciation

Who says promotions in the form of discounted prices or direct prizes can only be found in supermarkets? Business actors in the market can also provide promotions to their customers as a form of appreciation. The discount may be given because the customer is a loyal buyer or because the customer has purchased a large quantity.


As a meeting place for sellers and buyers, traditional markets have great potential in advancing the Indonesian economy. Therefore, we must be able to adjust business habits with trends in the digital era, but keep maintaining the core business values.

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